How are you today?


My partner and I are both anti-wedding, but about half the weddings we’ve attended (gosh… 30? 40?) have been a lot of fun. I’m glad you enjoyed yours!

And, hey, I hope you get married exactly as many times as you need to get married in order to be happy. For some people, that’s one. For some people, that’s four or five. For me, it will be zero. No judgments here!


Despite only knowing the person via the medium of the internet, fresh duds all the time is exactly how I picture the guy.

(Also congrats)


You’re not wrong. I’m relentlessly jealous of his snazzy hoodie.




Congratulations!! I’m glad you enjoyed it/got exhausted/partied hard!!


Such wonderful news to share. I wish we all could have been there! Blessings to you both for the road ahead!


Hearty congratulations, friend! Hope the journey is as pleasant as you deserve!


Thanks for the well wishes all!

She’s incredibly special to me and tomorrow a new adventure. My first time going international with someone using a Trinidadian passport.


Have a fun trip and boring border crossings :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush::airplane::desert_island:


Huge congratulations and well wishes :slight_smile:


We had some good news yesterday. Our kid’s dentist called saying they had a cancelation so they could get our kiddo in to look at his tooth and hopefully fix it today!

Bad news followed. My supervisor had stayed at work late to run an update on our company firewall. Well, it borked it. I am still the more experienced IT person for our company environment, so after some phone calls with support and efforts to connect to the Com port, I was called in.

Arrived at about 10 PM. Found the components we needed to link up to the Com port, just to find endless scrolling text. Another call with support concluded that the firewall needed to be RMA’d.

During that time, I found our older firewall, which is a much cheaper, simpler device that had been sitting around for a couple of years now, and worked on factory resetting it, as the login credentials were long lost.

I said it was simpler, and that is because we used it when we had everything on one big subnet, compared to our current one which is segmented into VLANs. I proceeded to spend the next several hours working to get this firewall online and to pass our necessary traffic.

Come 6:45 AM, we had made progress, but were getring strange errors where sometimes we could remote to a given computer and other times we couldn’t, or our Sharepoint server could be pinged, but would not open the web pages. I had to leave to take my kiddo to the hospital for his appointment.

Appointment took about 5 hours total, but it went well and they were able to cap his chipped tooth, so it looks all new again! Got him and my wife home and at 2 I was back at work, with maybe a 30 minute nap while waiting for my kid’s anesthesia to wear off.

Stayed at work until 5, but got pretty much everything squared away. Changed some VLAN assignments, reconfigured printers, added a virtual network interface to a server to make it talk nicely with the other servers.

And now I have been up for almost 36 hours! It’s like college all over again!


It’s my first day back in the classroom after quarantine, and my students are getting their SAT scores this week. From what they’ve shared, they kind of rocked it when compared with previous years. This is unexpected on a lot of levels, and has been a much-needed win for the campus.


Well, wife just tested positive for COVID. Not too jorrible so far, all she’s got is coughing, spitting up mucus and fatigue. No fever, and coughing is in fits rather than constant. Also, I’m fine.

So… Yeah. After my sister, her kid and both my parents catching it on their Easter visit here, kinda starting to wonder when my number’s gonna come up…


Well, wonder no more. Positive test get. Light positive, but positive nonetheless.

So far, COVID seems to be a scratchy throat, some congestion and some light coughing. More an annoyance than anything. For me, anyway. I am BLESSED.


Hope it’s light and fast. Take care of yourselves.

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Thanks. Things seem to be headed in the right direction. My wife is getting better every day, coughing and spitting less, although she went to bed around 6:30 last night again. Just dead tired.

On my end, I’m just lazier than usual and achy all over. My back in particular. Yesterday evening, I got chills bad enough that I had trouble standing up. The whole pre-bed routine (brushing teeth, shower) was a TON of fun, let me tell ya. :sweat_smile:


A thing that you probably know but it’s easy to forget (I certainly do): with a lot of viral infections there’s a stage where you start to feel better and want to get on and do stuff. Force yourself to take it easy or you may very quickly become utterly exhausted. My wife certainly had this after her COVID bout.


I had that too. Hated it.

Hopefully you all recover soon.

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Main issue is that every cough is painful. Guess what COVID does to you a lot? :sob:

I’m starting to take this personally. Like, this disease seems built to annoy me. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Currently watching a film at 2am with my son to be 6 year old child he woke up and is now to excited to sleep cos it’s his party in the morning. So tired…