Horseless Carriage - Shut Up & Sit Down Review


What a fantastic recommendation for (checks notes) roads and boats.


Confirms my concern on how fiddly it is and also that the focus of the game is more towards the player tableau rather than the shared board. Yeah, sure. It has high interaction. More interactive than so many many tableau builders. IDK needs a few plays.

Like Catan in Hell…


I think both of those criticisms are unwarranted, personally. Er, I mean, it is fiddly, of course, but it’s definitely less fiddly than Roads & Boats, and the focus on player tableau is mostly due to people being unfamiliar with the factory building.

Speaking of, when are we going to start our game of Horseless Carriage?


Looks like FCM turned inside out! Definitely interested in this, but think I’ll have to refrain because of all this vaguely gestures at pile of unplayed Lacerda and Splotter games


This review makes it sound quite Antiquity like in many ways. I hope it lands with me more than Antiquity, I quite like planning things out so I won’t give up hope based on said Splotter comparison.

I do wonder if the fiddle complaint Tom has is heightened by his group being less fussed on it? If no one else is as engaged and he’s fully hosting it could magnify the fiddle factor? It seems tough from the pieces and layout to think it’d be more fiddly than Roads & Boats.


I like it a lot more than Antiquity, but that’s because I feel like I largely “solved” Antiquity, while it looks impossible to get anywhere near that for Horseless Carriage.


For all the good in Antiquity it did feel after a while as though there was a basic flow that was close to optimal, with some tweaks for different strategies and tactical considerations. This made it feel the most ’euro’ of the big 5 Splotters to me. I’m hoping that the demand with this is the sauce that makes the game more genuinely interactive so the factory is less rote or easy to establish mental flow chart. From what you say I’ll stay more positive.

I will also probably get my suction pens out when playing this game for the marketing squares


I was honestly feeling a bit of FOMO on this one when I didn’t pre-order it. However, now I feel quite a bit better after watching this review.

It still may be a good game, but now that I know what it is, it’s easier for me to rest calmly knowing how I would, likely, feel about playing it.

I’m good not having it in my collection, but I’m a tad sad that I do not know anyone nearby who will be likely to get their own copy – so I won’t really ever be able to play it in-person.

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