Heat: Pedal to the Metal

Just saw this on BGG:

My initial reactions as something of a connoisseur of racing games (though I’ve never played Formula Dé and I’d like to):

  • Flamme Rougeula One? AHG and the use of an earlier era of the race, yes, but also the cards look familiar.
  • Fixed courses. I really prefer some kind of tile system, in part because I’m a completist and I’d rather buy three packs of new tiles than three packs of two tracks each.
  • Upgrades look interesting. Who gets them and when?

I’ll definitely be taking a look at SPIEL.


Oooh. I haven’t got Flamme Rouge to the table enough recently and I’ve never played it with Metéo, despite buying it two years ago but this looks right up my alley!

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Should I run another PBF Flamme Rouge? :slight_smile: And/or bring it along to Tekelilicon…

On the face of it, I think the hand management of FR works better in a cycling game (how hard are you pushing yourself right now) than for a car where for me it’s all about choice of speed and how you corner, but I’m interested to see what they do here.


Yeah it’ll be interesting to see what mechanics they lift from Flamme Rouge. Arguably things like slip-stream apply to both cycling and motor-racing but like you say, it feels better placed in a cycling game than being the core of a motor-racing game.

I’ve been fairly unimpressed with Days of Wonder’s output recently. They used to be the paragon of “do one thing at a time, and do it great”. Now they’re more of the “do one thing, give it nice art. And also, do another mini-Ticket to Ride box.”

That said, I’m looking forward to this one.

I saw this article and knew you’d be into this :fire::fire::fire::sunglasses::sunglasses:


More up my alley than bike racing, given the praise FR gets I’m down for this one