Has anyone played Troika!?

Looking through my seemingly endless itchio download page since I bought the Bundle for Equality; I found the Troika! rulebook. I think it won award, so I skimmed it a little bit, and it looks fascinating, if really loose and weird.

Has anyone played a session or a campaign with this system? Do you have any comment or feedback you could post here? Would anyone be willing to run it? :nerd_face:

Link and cover art



I had heard of this, but hadn’t looked into it at all until now. I promptly ordered the Numinous Edition from Exalted Funeral (physical+PDF). I’ve got a new baby at home and generally use my phone for everything, but count me in as an interested and enthusiastic PC if a PBF session gets rolling!

Now… will this prove the ideal skeleton on which to hang the meaty* robes of The Ultraviolet Grasslands? If so, then this purchase just got doubly exciting.

*side note, keyboard suggestions wanted “dong” to follow meaty. Curious choice for a keyboard app that took months to stop trying to censor my sailor’s mouth.


[mobile keyboarding intensifies]

†: As someone with 2 little ones

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My thumbs are ready. I usually type about 70x faster than I think anyway, so it shouldn’t be a problem. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

[EDIT] @Cokho have you had a chance to read much? I’m like 5 pages in and head over heels.


I picked up a physical copy because it looked lovely and I was ordering Dissident Whispers and it didn’t add much to overall postage. I’ve not played a session of it yet. I’m a complete beginner but reading through it I’m liking a lot of the ideas, they seem mostly straightforward apart from the “initiative stack’” which seems a bit bonkers but perhaps it works smoothly in practice.

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Cosmic Frog comes out soon and it also plays with a bizarre initiative stack system for its turn orders. I can only really guess, but I’m betting on the best kind of nail-biting chaos. Reeks of a thought process that went: “well, yeah, maybe that’s a bit much… but it’s just too much fun to cut out”.

Yes! I loved reading the background. It’s amazing how with a few word how evocative they can make them feel.
This looks so fun, and also very different in a way.


Well my copy shipped, which means I’ve got my PDF copy all downloaded and ready. It’s a delightful read!

[EDIT] And now I’ve got my hard copy. Do we still have a little interest?

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I really am interested! It sounds so lovely as a game, and very inspiring.

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I just had my group collapse after barely getting started. But now I’ve got the hunger.

Who wants to play a game? I’ll run it.

[EDIT] The plan would be to play So You’ve Been Thrown Down a Well. I’ve got a quality introduction written up and I don’t want to waste it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

[DOUBLE EDIT] The remaining group rallied. I think my GM senses were good and I have pulled the weed from the root. @Cokho @modfan77 @pillbox room for one or two more if you want a VERY slow paced game over Discord.

Hey, would that be a slow paced / text based Discord game? Because otherwise I think I might be 8hrs ahead of you timezone-wise, so that would count me out. I will say, my writing skills are even worse than my speaking skills! :slight_smile:

Yep, it’s all text/asynchronous. If we have enough interest I’m more than happy to run a game here though.

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Discord? I’m game, I think. I may need a few nudges from time to time because I don’t normally keep up with Discord notifications.

OK well I’m game as well then, but as @Cokho posted originally, I’ll wait in line if seat numbers are an issue. :+1:

I wouldn’t want to add more than one, maybe two players to the game in progress, but if all three of you wanted in I would pop a proper recruitment thread for our own game here.

I can bow out. I’ll be honest and say I get a little squeamish around wriggly things.

I’ll be really down for a game, but I’m not on discord. I think I’ll let my spot to someone who can hit the ground running. If you ever want to start a game here though, I am very much in.

Ok, lukewarm response with respect to a new session here, but I’ll post a recruiting thread for one when the time comes. I’m already pretty thrilled with the content coming out for Troika and I’m going to be hungry to keep exploring it.

Meanwhile, I’m going to avoid rocking our battered boat and stick with my 3 remaining players. Things have been running splendidly since our 4th said adios. Sometimes you gotta yank the weed by the root if you want the garden to flourish.


@modfan77 life got in the way for one of my players. Want to fill the shoes of a Monkeymonger? Game’s just getting rolling, guy leaving didn’t end up contributing much baggage for you to inherit. (Happy to roll a new character too, have the ability to do so without much added conceit).

Hey, I’ll leave it this time thanks, but might join in on a future one on here. Work has really ramped up the crazy in the push to get everything done before the holiday season. :frowning_face:

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