Has anyone played or have an opinion about...?

I’m slightly fifty fifty on the wood Ra tiles. For one jumbling them up in the bag and fishing for them will be a less satisfactory experience (the heaviness and the hardness) but picking one out might be nicer. I think the colours on the card ones are a bit nicer and poppy.


Smaller tiles would presumably be much better though. Those look too large to bag shuffle properly.


Ra Poker chip edition?


There’s a competition to win an all-in pledge on BGG running at the moment too.


I was wobbling and looking to back the KS for over sized Teotihuacan. Delivery October 2024 seems a little too distant for me on this currently. Another twist in prevaricating about wether to splurge money or not


I won’t say no to a game of Teotihuacan, but I think you have to already love it to consider spending that much on it.

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I know several people here have opinions on Planet Unknown, and I noticed that that one of the shops I sometimes buy from has it back on pre-order for ~£80. That seems quite expensive… Do you think it’s worth it? I most likely won’t buy it but I’m curious what you think.

I think it is a very good and possibly my favorite polyominoes game. However, 80 is a bit steep for what is a very glorified iteration on Patchwork (well no they don‘t compare well mechanics-wise except for the tetris) and just because it plays 3 times as many players it shouldn‘t cost more than 3x as much. (Rough estimate)

I would not re-buy it at that price right now if for some reason my copy got lost during the move.


Re: planet unkown.

A large amount of the price will be the custom tray I think. I think that is possibly close to what I paid on KS but that would include extras like extra maps, double layer boards (the most essential upgrade) and plastic bits for things.

I don’t know if it’s an 80 pounds game but that might be because in my head a game is £50 max still.

When I look at something like distilled on Zatu which is about £70 and beyond the sun it’s not ridiculous to see that price i think. But it still pinches.

As for the game play itself i think it’s pretty good but kind of shallow. You might get good value out of it but it lost its steam for us earlier than I’d like. I think as a two player game (how we played it) it loses a fair bit of heat due to the increased control. Also it’s pretty big and a bit of a table hog which makes it unattractive to get out.


I’ve only played it solo. I was underwhelmed and I’m waiting to play it with more people before I sell it. The combos didn’t really combo. There’s a lot of things to keep track of but it’s more like managing 6 tracks than building An engine. That said, once I tried the more advanced corporations and the more advanced Planets, the game got a bit more interesting.

Come to think of it I had a ton of issues with the solo mode.

I think having other players will really spice it up. The shared goals will be interesting and the lazy Susan mechanic will take off more With the tension between choosing what you want and dealing with what other people give you.

I also hated Barenpark at two and then fell in love with it at four, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it plays much better with a full table. But even so, I think a lot of the game is supposed to be the puzzle of your planet and corporation and, like I said, it’s more about managing six tracks than building a combo engine.

It’s a tough space up against blocka’s,patchwork,isle of cats,baron park,my city,and new york zoo perio.

(Nice voice to text… Blokus, Patchwork, Isle of Cats, Barenpark, My City, NY Zoo, Tiny Towns.)


I sold my copy of Planet Unknown, wasn’t really enjoying it (I can’t think of any polyominoes game I like).

About a week after I sold it, I saw someone else sell theirs for twice what I sold mine for, did not realise it would be worth that much more.

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If anyone in the UK is interested in buying Planet Unknown, Card Vault have it for ~£55. My friend had pre-ordered it and it arrived today, so even less reason for me to buy it!


What was the game several of you were talking about maybe a year ago? There were 4-8 personalities you could play as and I believe you were trying to set up a trading post or some kind of mercantile operation on an island?

Sounds like, possibly, Merchants Cove?

That looks right.

It seems like there was a lot of chatter, everyone was getting their copies, trying it out, and then nothing. How did opinions play out on Merchants Cove?

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Funny you should mention it!

I played the base game merchants a few times solo last fall, but decided that it had potential as a game I could explore with my partner.

In the meantime, I did pledge for the new big box expansion, and had thrown the other 3 add-on merchants onto my wishlist for when they would get restocked. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a big Merchants Cove bundle on a geeklist auction that was an unbelievable deal, so I had to go for it. Long story short, I now have 2 copies of the base game and The Secret Stash mini-expansion, along with two copies of the big box expansion coming via Kickstarter (one for the copy I pledged for, 1 for the copy that came with the auction bundle), and all 3 of the add-on merchants.

Unfortunately, one of the add-on merchants arrived missing some components, so I haven’t posted about it in recent purchases as I await the resolution of that particular issue.

It’s not a great euro game. But it’s fun and quick and light. It’s not going to win any awards. I think it fits in my collection because it features a singular thing: the option for one player to deep-dive on a specific merchant while another player, for instance (me) can explore the wide array of different options… and that won’t really interfere with the first player’s enjoyment of their merchant-deep-dive because the merchants don’t interact directly with the mini games each one is playing on the side.


I would also mention that there is an official Tabletop Simulator mod for Merchants Cove Base game and I think you can run it for anywhere between 1-4 players (to play 5 players you need a 5th merchant, which isn’t provided in the base game).


And another copy of Roads & Boats, surely?


Perfect. I don’t know why this was all over my brain today. Sounds (still) like a game I want to play but not own. Unfortunately I don’t really get to play ANY games I don’t own. Maybe down the pike.