Fury of Dracula PBF - Game 1

Eight years ago, a brave band of hunters destroyed the vile vampire, Dracula, freeing the world from his dark machinations. Or did they? Now, his former victim, Mina Harker, has dark dreams of a castle in the mountains, a carriage drawn by black horses, the smell of sea air and the metallic scent of blood. For indeed, the Count has returned and his fury is great. It is up to the same band of hunters to once again defeat Dracula and rid the world of his influence forever.

I have placed the minis for each character on their character card for identification purposes. Hunters (@Whistle_Pig , @gmwhite999, @MichaelCule, @RogerBW) should now discuss their starting locations. Once they have all decided, Dracula (@RossM) will secretly choose his starting location. At that point I will deal out his hand of encounter cards and the game will begin!

Note that I will be pretty unavailable on Christmas day, so if we get started before then, we’ll have a short lull. :slight_smile:


OK. Mina gives some benefit if she’s in the same place as another hunter, so she shouldn’t be completely isolated. Otherwise I have no special preference for where she starts.

Well let’s see. We could spread out across the board and hope one of us finds the trail quickly, Or all start fairly central and use Mina to try and hunt him down, Or all start on one side and try and sweep across the board? Or say sod it and just pick the city we like the most of those available?

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I could start literally anywhere.


If we all defer to each other we won’t get anywhere. If nobody else has a preference, Mina will start at Milan.

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Ross is Dracula, so don’t listen to him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless the other hunters have a a preference then, Dr Seward will start in Berlin.

I’ll start in Leipzig

That just leaves Van Helsing, @MichaelCule. Where would you like to start?

Sorry. Got distracted by Christmas. Van Helsing will start in Madrid. (I’m prepared to be argued out of this but I think if Mina and I can take care of sweeping the western side of Europe it may be better if we start a little further apart. The railways can bring us together quickly enough.)

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I have submitted my starting location.

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An obvious diversion. Send the sun-lamp-zeppelin to Galway!

Yeah, yeah, about that…

Budget meetings…

Cost overruns…

The current inclement weather…

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Sorry for the delay everyone.

Dracula has been issued his starting hand of Encounter cards. Hunter card is on top of the event deck.

Day 1

Lord Godalming’s turn.


Can you check those starting positions please, COMaestro - and everyone?

I thought we had selected Mina in Milan, Seward in Berlin, Godalming in Leipzig and, Van Helsing in Madrid. perhaps not the best arrangement but it’s a start.

So did I. Still without a strong preference, but Madrid in this season? Dear me no. The heat…

Okay, I’m not sure what happened here. I would have sworn I saw Mina -> Madrid and Dr. Seward -> Milan. Not even the first turn and I’m messing things up! :sweat_smile:

Okay, fixed. Still Day 1, still Lord Godalming’s turn:

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A hint from my Firefly and Flamme Rouge experience: put everything under version control. (I’ve even used git bisect to find the spot where I went wrong.)

Random hypothetical question.

Is my health a matter of public record?

Say I was potentially one move away from a Hunter at this point and wanted to move through her by using wolf form, would everyone see me taking one damage? I mean theoretically.

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I think it is known to the other players yes, and if not we could calculate it as we know when you go to sea, feed to recuperate or lose any in combat.

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