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Cactus Town – I do indeed like the small box, but I already have Colt Express and its expansions… I wonder if this shares some DNA with Bang in that you have teams who have basically different objectives. Not my favourite theme, and the ability to duel with anyone anywhere seems to make the positional game relatively unimportant, but I’m at least a bit interested.

Juicy Fruits – they’re trying to make it look dreary, but there might be something here.

Long Shot: The Dice Game – is one I’ve seen promoted heavily, which makes it hard for me to think positively about it.

Stop the Train – possibly because I didn’t get into Battlestar Galactica I’ve never really like social deduction combined with other things when I could be playing it pure. Also Space-Biff found it very sluggish.

Prisma Arena – shiiiiny. But I’m not into this sort of irrevocable change in games.

Tumble Tumble — I felt that the actual tactics didn’t come over very clearly.

Merchants of Magick – but isn’t “gather A, turn A into B, turn B into points” pretty much classic Eurogame?

Anchorman – eh. Not for me.

Sell Outs – this whole mechanic of “everyone has a pitch, then someone decides which is the best” is fundamentaly vulnerable to collusion, or just picking on an unpopular player. Also isn’t there a game which basically does this already? Yeah, The Big Idea.

Battle Bears – looks very chaotic and take-thattish, but might be enjoyable.

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Hi there, I’m one of the designers of Sell Outs, and thought I would reply. You might think collusion is an issue in the game, but in my experience after hundreds of games, most players end up not necessarily caring about the win condition, so unless you’re playing with hyper competitive people, this isn’t really as big of an issue as you might think. The fun really comes from the unusual pitches, creative interpretations and smack talk at the table.

As far as the comparison to The Big Idea, yes they share a pitch-a-product mechanic, but as far as I can tell, they aren’t that similar overall. Sell Outs is available on Tabletop Simulator and (to a lesser extent) on Tabletopia so you can try it for free if you have either of those.


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Thanks for taking the time to tell us a bit more about your game!

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