Fun & Family Boardgame Previews: Ready, Set, Bet, Phantom Ink, Cheese Thief, Trust No Bunny and more


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(Roger’s Negative Reviews)

Immediate visceral reactions, for which my scale is more or less (1) don’t care, (2) will play if someone waves it under my nose but will probably forget about it, (3) will seek it out for a demo, (4) will buy unplayed (very rare). I’m starting from the position of having lots of games I like and little space for new acquisitions, so I’m certainly being harsher than I was five or ten years ago.

All other games, clearly, are not fun.

00:42 Ready, Set, Bet - how many of these horse racing betting games are there now? I find a certain amount of decision paralysis - should I get this? Or Winners’ Circle? Or Long Shot? Or… I don’t love the real time angle, and while the lack of ability to influence the race is probably realistic, I wonder whether it’s fun. 2
04:35 Phantom Ink - Codenames variation with a coat of Mysterium paint. I think I’d play either of those before this, and I don’t even own Codenames. (“What causes people to fight over a submarine?” “The sea.”) 2
08:33 Trust No Bunny - I came for boardgames, not video games. 1
14:01 Dodos Riding Dinos - yeah but apart from the cutesey theme…? Seems pretty simplistic and I have a lot of racing games. 2
17:04 Kites - feels like the introductory version of Kitchen Rush. 2
21:17 Cheese Thief - I think the effectiveness will vary a lot with number of players. 2
26:15 Throne of Under - it’s a dungeon bash. 1


Nothing really interesting to me in there. I saw a playthrough of Cheese Thief on the No Rolls Barred YouTube channel last year, that seemed fun enough but highly player count dependent.

Dodos Riding Dinos gets some points for being very cute and a chaotic oddball.

WHY was Trust No Bunny covered there? That’s a straight-up video game. Nothing against those, of course, but that’s not the channel’s purpose…


I’m pretty indifferent about most of these.

Cheese Thief will be in my plan for introducing my children into social deduction.