Fortune and Glory - PBF Recruitment

Following on from my recent PBF for A Touch of Evil I am looking to run a cooperative game of Fortune and Glory: the Cliffhanger Game here shortly - or, for the TL:DR fanbase, “Indiana Jones: the Boardgame”.

Fortune and Glory is a game of epic adventure, heroes and villains, edge-of-your-seat danger and cliffhanger pulp movie action set in the late 1930s. Players take on the roles of explorers and treasure hunters, travelling the globe with their allies and equipment in search of ancient artifacts while fending off danger at every turn in their quest for the ultimate reward of Fortune and Glory!

I will run this game for up to 4 players working cooperatively against a Vile Organization - the Axis (for the game I’ve renamed them but I’m sure you know who they are meant to be!) - to collect enough treasure and fortune before the chosen Vile Organization does. Those of you who followed my A Touch Of Evil PBF game recently will find this game similar in some ways to that - the storytelling that the gameplay creates, its look and feel, the Hero skill tests and fights - but the game rounds work slightly differently and the method of exploring for the Artifacts and Temples that the Heroes need to collect to win has a great genre feel to it with its Danger and Cliffhanger cards.

You can read the full rulebook from Flying Frog’s website here although I will summarise the important rules for the players at the start of the game plus there are several review and gameplay videos around. Indeed, there was a very early SU&SD review of it although I think they overstated a possible flaw of the movement and encounter mechanic; a more joyous reception came from Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop (even if they got a few of the rules confused).

If anyone wants to play, please let me know by mesage or in comments below.

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I am definitely in!

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Sounds good. Can I join?

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Sure: welcome Roger and Chewy. There’s space for up to 2 more!

This thread reminded me that it’s ridiculous that I don’t own this game, and I found one going for a low bid on ebay for £27 (!) … but it’s gone up to £60 almost immediately, and normal ebay prices are £95+. Oh well.

(I can’t commit to forum games at the moment, work is all hours, but I’ll watch this with interest!)


Last call for the good ship Fortune and Glory. I’ll be starting this tomorrow - Friday evening European time - so if anyone else wants to join in, let me know.

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