Flamecraft Review - Cup of Tea and a Biscuit


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I am still flabbergasted how highly this is rated on BGG. Once again, I wonder if Kickstarter marketing and „now that I have payed for it I must enjoy it“ have done a number on this.

My problem with it is not the mechanics themselves which seem interesting on the surface. The idea of going to a shop, gathering resources and activating a dragon or the enchantments are neat… and having various shops appear over time is fine. But the execution and the way it all comes together ruins those ideas. The overabundance of resources that worsens exponentially towards the end-game trivializes the actions you can take to a degree where the game becomes boring.


As someone who occasionally has to do user interface stuff, I’d love to separate the decision fatigue element of this from the positivity of it: on the one hand, there are clearly more than 5±2 things you can do at any given moment, and on the other hand you have so much stuff it doesn’t actually restrict those decisions. (Looks as though there are 6 resources, plus gold and reputation. That seems like a lot. Also “you” aren’t a dragon in this, you’re an employer of dragons…)

Which reminds me, I have a Last Played Game to post about…


I admit I played it just once and it left me cold. So I haven’t touched it since, but I admit that it felt a bit Point Salad-ey of a sort, where if you cannot go to that shop, well, that other one is nearly as good. Or the other one that just appeared actually opens up options… Three turns and it feels a bit like nothing is too hard?

Having watched the review this morning, I sort of agree with Efka. It is not a bad game, is just too easy…