Essen 2022 topic

It’s less than a month away.

I plan to be there (first time since 2019), and I’ll spend much of my time demoing for Indie Boards and Cards at 2E-106 (Thursday morning, all day Friday and Saturday, Sunday afternoon).

Who’s going to be there? Things you plan to take a look at?

I’m curious about Heat (but I have a lot of racing games already); if there’s a show deal on Spirit Island (unlikely) I’ll pick up a copy for myself; Spaceship Unity looks interesting though I suspect it’s not for me; and if I can demo Septima I may finally be able to decide whether to buy it or write it off.


Hello - first post here, I think.

I’ll be at Essen for the Thursday and Friday, before heading off to Munich and Berlin for a few days holiday.

Not sure what I’ll be checking out at Essen yet - I need to go through the list of games on BGG.


Welcome back!

All forum members are welcome to drop by and say hello, though I may have to ignore you as I show off a game (or indeed show off a game to you).

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I am currently planning to attend Thursday and Friday but my plans are bit wobbly at the moment as my partner is not too keen on another trip. If he decides to join I may end up being there on different days. I am also meeting up with some gaming friends from uni probably.

Games at the fair that I already have, backed or pre-ordered and therefore not take a closer look at: Cat in the Box, Heimliche Herrschafft, Iki (DE), Oranienburger Kanal, Stationfall, Skull Canyon, Tindaya, Vengance Roll & Fight (just arrived at home where I am currently not, I blame SVWAG), Septima (demo only), Voidfall (demo only). With the exception of Skull Canyon I have not played any of these—mostly because most of them are still „en route“).

Then there is a bunch of expansions I am keen on buying: Red Cathedral, another The Loop expansion and Roll Camera. Since I got the English versions of Roll Camera and Red Cathedral the fair is probably the easiest way to obtain the fitting expansions -.- Meh.

I am also hoping that because yet another Endangered expansion is coming that there will be an opportunity to test that and decide once and for all if I want to own Endangered or not. (I just passed on it visiting a boardgame shop while traveling).

Then there are the games I am interested in:

  • Coral—it looks a bit to be a „get it at SPIEL or never“ thing. A 3D puzzly thing that looks quite tempting and isn‘t that expensive.
  • Revive—in principle this could be an awesome game and maybe a good civ game? Though I have not seen much of the tech tree-ish stuff. I like the ideas it presents a lot—discovery, the multi-use cards the competitive-yet-not-destructive nature of the game… the weird player boards. I considered pre-ordering but I have cooled on it a bit after watching Radho play a few turns. Definitely want to try this one. Later turns are supposed to be long and combo-y but I am too lazy to watch the extended play.
  • Decorum—missed previous opportunities to obtain this. Another one I want to blame on SVWAG. It is probably better anyway to try this before taking it home. But it looks cute and I like the premise of „passive aggressive cohabitation“. My partner immediately said we should play this with our old university room-mates.
  • Festival and Come Together both tempting because of the theme.
  • Flamecraft—I almost backed this so I am curious how it turned out
  • Princes of Florence—the new edition from Korea boardgames. I regretted donating my old copy of this a little… so I may fall for this newer certainly prettier version
  • Terracotta Army is definitely worth looking at. I seem to remember it has an interesting worker placement algorithm something something wheels within wheels not totally unlike the Mayan Calendar one (whatsitcalled?)
  • Tiletum—just look at that board… it seems like such a classic Euro game. I want to have a closer look
  • Woodcraft—since I have only played one of Suchy‘s games (Pulsar 28xx) and kind of enjoyed that I may want to look at this one, though the theme and looks of it do not appeal that much to me.
  • Tribes of the Wind—yet another post-apocalyptic game, this one is quite colorful. The tile laying appeals and so do the images I can see on BGG.
  • The Wolves—there is only a single image on BGG but it seems to feature interesting and variable player boards and a central hex-field area where you establish your pack‘s territory. It sounds a lot like something I want. It might be a really great fit for an area control theme. Definitely high on my list to check out
  • Star Ship Captains—one of the two big offerings of CGE this year and an SF themed one at that!
  • Hamlet—this is demo only but I am quite interested how this village building game with the weirdly shaped tiles looks in reality
  • Atiwa—I have too many Rosenbergs as it is but I will probably still go and drool a bit here… hopefully I will decide I have enough Uwe games what with Oranienburger Kanal incoming from Spieleschmiede.
  • Oros—another one I considered backing and now want to find out what it is like

There is a current trend as exhibited by the new Feuerland title „La Famiglia“, CGE‘s „Deal with the Devil“ and just now on KS „Weimarer Republik“ to make games that work with exactly 4 players. I do not know what to make of this. The one I am most keen to own is Weimarer Republik because of the historical setting.

And „ferner liefen“: games I will probably at least have a look at: Autobahn (my city is not in it so I am not getting it also a theme I disagree with), Endless Winter, Resist, Unconscious Mind (only demo), Turing Machine, Heat (because Days of Wonder), Evergreen (Hjalmar Hach), Terra Nova (to gripe how it is not Terra Mystica), Planet B, Skymines (because one day I will find a Pfister game I like, I lie I enjoyed my forays into GWT)

If I can I will definitely shop that Spirit Island Target thingy however it seems to have vanished from the preview or I overlooked it.

Ps forgot KuZooka the latest Colovini where you cooperate to break out of a zoo. I blame the weird spelling.


Don’t know whether this affects anyone else, but I’d been planning to stay at the Arosa on the Rüttenscheider Straße, and today I learn:

Leider müssen wir Ihnen heute mitteilen, dass wir aufgrund dringender Renovierungsarbeiten dieses Haus vom 11.09.2022 bis 30.11.2022 schließen müssen.

Unfortunately, we have to inform you today that we have to close this house from September 11st, 2022 to November 30th, 2022 due to urgent renovation work.

So I’ll be staying in Mülheim a.d.Ruhr and commuting in each day. It worked all right in 2019; as an exhibitor I get to use the Good Parking directly under Hall 3.


I’m staying with friends in Mülheim if/when I stay overnight. I’m still considering going all Öffis (public transport) this year

The Spiel-Guide is out!

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And I have booked my train ticket :slight_smile:


And now I have also booked my SPIEL ticket :slight_smile: Thursday + Friday it is. Probably for the first time ever without my partner. -.- too much going on. He can still decide until the week…

Been checking the Spiel Preview at BGG… seeing the MSRPs on the preview and comparing it to preorder prices on some of my OLGS, I really have to stop buying games at the fair. It is worse than ever.


I tend to walk around with boardgameprices on my phone just as everyone does at UK Games Expo. What I go to Essen for is less the New Hotness and more the weird obscure game I’ll never hear of anywhere else.


Obscure games, definitely.
In other years I would also scour the used games sellers—not this year though.
Also more and more looking at Asian publishers whose games rarely make it to boardgame shops near me.

And last but not least playing a few games so that maybe I will not end up buying more games :slight_smile:


I’ve never had much luck with the used game sellers, either because I’m looking for too-new things or because I mostly want English-language versions.

Yeah! The Asian parts were my first go-tos back in 2019

My current Essen list:

Of course the plan is going to change a few times and it never survives entering the halls and getting stuck at a booth that you didn’t even think about when looking at the preview and then never getting to try Revive because suddenly everyone is interested in Civ games with hex tiles… and never finding Coral because the publisher is in some last corner of Hall 8 and also all their games are stuck in some container in the Suez canal (this is not exactly a completely new problem).


And I’m sure at least one “games held up in customs” has actually been “we haven’t actually got the final draft to the printer yet”…

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I mean, I do say “Yeah I’m on my way”, but I’m actually at home putting my shoes on

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Watching more previews and reading newsletters yielded a few interesting bits:

  • there is a Vietnamese publisher this year. All their games are “Vietnamese Edition” though so I kind of hope they brought some English manuals along.
  • Touch it seems to be an interesting take on a quick pattern recognition/dexterity game also from the Asian corner of the fair.
  • Expedition from Korea Boardgames looks interesting (hex tiles ftw)
  • Deities from Mandoo games also seems worth a look
  • My partner’s colleague recommends Feed the Kraken (not for me. It is expensive and seems to have some overlap with BotC)
  • Finding Atlantis looks cool but needs an app (so many deduction games do)
  • There is an official app for the fair this year. On android play store search “Spiel 22” to find it (it includes a probably complete list of publishers and booths, a map and an incomplete list of games)
  • The app suggests a 2nd expansion for Arnak that is not yet on BGG?! Nothing on CGE website either. The app just lists it as “Arnak 2. Erweiterung”
  • The BGG preview lists a demo for Monumental an OOP kickstarter the OOP state of which has been repeatedly lamented at the Dice Tower
  • A new entry to the Oniverse: Stellarion
  • Feuerland is not doing SPIEL preorders this year.
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Looks like “com.eyeled.spiel” if you do the app ID thing. Thanks! Claims to need GSF, but seems to run without it.

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Short list:

  • Challengers!
  • Puerto Rico 1897
  • Starfinder: Pirates of Skydock
  • Horizons of Spirit Island
  • Pan’s Island
  • Tribes of the Wind
  • Vivarium
  • Splendor Duel
  • Terra Nova
  • King of Monster Island
  • Heat: Pedal to the Metal
  • Arborea
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  • So the cover for Challengers looks just so weird, I discounted it but a closer look actually puts this on my list. Deckbuilding in less than an hour regardless of player count, plays 1-8 ?! How?
  • Pan’s Island makes Treasure Island from a 1 v all into a coop game. Do I want that? Do I need that? would it get played more (possibly with my partner?) Would I have to go sell Treasure Island or do both fit in one box? Do both fit in one box?
  • Tribes of the Wind is already on my list.
  • Horizons is on my “I will get this if not now then later” list.
  • I saw previews for Terra Nova. It’s TMystica without the tracks and the temples and fewer land types. If I want a game where tracks are better I can play Gaia Project. The chance is the same that my partner will play this than either of its ancestors: 0%
  • Heat → looking at it because Days of Wonder
  • Arborea: the board looks like the people who made Bitoku thought the game board was too easily read and also not pastellish enough.

The rest doesn’t speak to me.