Essen 2020 cancelled

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Not surprising, but a sadness even so.


Indeed. I completely understand and support this decision, but it really hurts as this is the last year I live somewhat close to Essen. It took only a 90min train ride to get to Essen, which was really convenient. Next year it’s going to be a 1000km drive which is an entirely different endeavor.


Well, I’m in the UK, so I was working on the basis that next year it won’t be affordable. Still, I shall try.


I expected this. And I am glad they announced it this early. For myself, I am not that sad. Since last Essen I bought SO many games and backed quite a few Kickstarters that I couldn’t afford my usual Essen buying spree anyway.


Actually, is SHUX’20 likely to happen at all??

I would not be surprised if it is cancelled, possibly giving people the option to roll their tickets over to next year to avoid refund hassles.

Some of you may be interested to read how is progressing.
I just got the latest newsletter and apparently entry to the virtual fair is going to be free.

It’s on October 22nd through 25th.

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