Episode 9: Most of the Pictures Are By People I Know

In our ninth episode, Lee and Roger talk about games we’ve been playing, take a second look at a couple we talked about last month, then chat with Markus of jPlay about underrated, obscure, and forgotten games.

(Apologies for audio problems in the interview segment – Roger had to edit from a backup recording, which put Lee and Markus on the same track at different loudnesses and with some desynchronisation.)

Among the games we’ve played, we mentioned

In “What We Thought About”, we mentioned

and talking with Markus we mentioned

Main theme: Coffee Stains , Riot; What We Thought Of: Come On In , Silent Partner; interview: Deadly Roulette , Kevin MacLeod

Thanks, Great episode! I noticed in your list of games that Jplay mentioned that you didn’t list The Drifter: The Drifter

Thanks again!


Welcome, and thanks - I’ll add it to the list.

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