Dune (not Imperium) getting new shorter edition

Well, Gale Force 9 are saying “it’s not a new edition” and “It’s not just a re-skin for the film.”

(Man, if the film tanks, so many tie-in projects are going down…)

But the new… “version”?… is going to be maximum four players, 30-60 minutes play time, etc. So if you want the big scary original-ish version now might be a good time to pick up a copy.


I refuse to believe it’s 4p max. More like 4p to provide more space for multiple additional player expansions.

Seems like a Martin Wallace approach to 1st/2nd editions. Good to see they re-released the original first to escape the uproar of the streamlined version losing everything good in the old version… and possibly lead to a more honest less knee jerky response from the community.


I’m very intrigued. I’m glad the original is available again so I don’t mind what they do with this one.

There’s definitely a gap for a more accessible game that plays well at 2 and doesn’t take 5 hours. (Having a movie reskin doesn’t interest me, but that’s fine). Could be the difference between convincing other people to get it to the table or not.

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Given that they say there are four factions in the core game, I could definitely see more of those coming out as expansions. Whether they’ll say “and increase your player count” or “swap them in to replace core game factions” is less clear; their Doctor Who game does the latter, and Firefly was never officially for more than four.

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With it being modelled on the old game but in a more modern format, I’d bet money on it. Having a base game of 4p to reassure people it’s not too complicated, and then using expansions to add more complexity is a very modern approach to get this version ‘nearer’ the original without intimidation. And 4p provides room for two expansions, which is probably what they’re hoping for if this is a success.

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I am already throwing money at my computer screen.

It has the word “Dune” on it. Everything else? Irrelevant.


Looks juicy, and considering I have Rex already in my collection (still un-played), a shorter version could be welcome, once I see what reviews are saying…

EDIT: By the way, looks like the 4 factions have Atreides, Fremen, Harkonnen and… is that Emperor?? It looks blurry when zoomed in.

Re-EDIT: Ignore my question. Imperium it is, my work computer was just slow…

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