Do you guys ever 3D print or commission new pieces/art for the games you own?

I recently commissioned an artist and got a custom deck printed for Coup because I had a joke I simply couldn’t get out of my head (Coo). Have you guys gone to similar lengths? (Note that I also own a copy of Coup, the original cards are getting fairly rough because I never sleeved them).


That’s gorgeous!

I have a bit of a knack for Maker-y things, so I dabble now and then on custom upgrades for my games. I think they next project I will return to, once I recover some of my free time/energy, is my overhaul for my Two Wolf edition of Silverton.


Heh! I’ve done a bit of 3d design and printing of bits and component trays.

(inlay for welcome / welcome back to the dungeon)

(coins for suburbia)

(fire/smoke marker for flash point fire rescue)


I’ve deluxified Arkham Horror LCG with a bunch of tokens from etsy:

Map links at the top, then square resource tokens and round clues/doom tokens.

It’s crazy the numbers of tokens you can get, right down to tokens specific for individual cards. I’ve shown restraint and only gone for the generic resources (resources, magic charges, ammo, and secrets). I am tempted by the bow & arrow token though…


What about health and sanity tokens?

I’ve stuck with the basics for them. Maybe I’ll upgrade one day, but they’re not handled so much.

Plus it would get expensive to get enough for players AND enemies :sob:

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Then you obviously are better at the game than I am! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just put them on your player card and don’t look at them. It’s fine it’s fine!

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Who needs those?

A friend printed bases for Gloomhaven for us in two colors and some of them raised for flying monsters. We got them for Christmas and haven’t played since :roll_eyes:

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There’s this, which isn’t commissioned, does it count? Love Letter with a Laputa theme.

I also remade Blood Bowl and Dominion using wooden pieces, but no significant art assets used in those.


I mean, I got my cards commissioned simply because I don’t have the artistic talent to draw them myself and I wanted to support an artist friend, those cards look lovely and it was an interesting idea to get the art from stills.


I’ve bought a few 3D printed bit trays, but nothing very exciting. Those “Coo” cards are fabulous :grin:

You should ask @Benkyo about his custom dominion set. It is quite a thing to behold.


I refrained from posting it again(!) because it didn’t seem a perfect fit for the thread, but I can’t ignore an invitation.

Dominion as it should be.


It is still a thing a beauty!!


We always want to see… maybe an action shot next? :slight_smile:

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There’s also my self-designed Trains print, which tragically got warped when the box was accidentally left in the sun, but was glorious in its day…



that’s two more !'s than absolutely necessary in order to post

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Appropriate. Arkham Horror ought to be dark.

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Evan Coolen (graphic designer) and Jonas de Ro (artist) helped me make player mats for Mage Knight. Specifically for a digital implementation, but not far off something I’d like to have for physical play.

I really like Jonas De Ro’s evocative landscapes, so being able to use them here, and to have appropriate ones for each character, was really nice.


Lovely stuff. What’s the deal with “Wolfhawk” being different to everyone else? I assume that’s some kind of asymmetry in the game?

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