Discussion: PBF Roads & Boats "The Valley" 4-player

This here is for rule questions, corrections, for me to ask for clarifications, basically everything that isn’t a move or decision in the game or a visual update of the board.

Also, since there is no hidden information I’m going to link the module and the folder for saved games. That means any enterprising soul can load up the current game state and modify it themselves, if I am unable to keep up for some reason.

The module is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/192DHTkseBOTr1Qica_1jwElVcOscRjeS/view?usp=sharing

And the saved game folder is here: PBF – Google Drive

And a player aid:


You pick wherever you like, but it looks to me like there are 4 good starting locations. You pick in the order I randomise once I get all your colour choices.

(This is all handled in-engine, which is why I’m not just using random.org to randomise the order by player)

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I have linked the module and the saved game folder in the first post. Anyone who has the time in front of a desktop computer can use these to update the game state and post screenshots. I will of course try and stay on top of the game myself, but if everyone has access we might be able to keep the pace up even if I get overwhelmed by work and toddlers.

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Remember the phase order: movement, then building. You cannot build on a tile that has no transporter after movement.

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Got it. I forgot it was by phase. Edited the post.

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I assume I can do build actions now rather than wait for everyone to do their movement first?

Yes, that’s what I meant by full turn.

Can you add the reference sheet to the first post of the thread @Benkyo ?

Sure, but not any time soon.

@Benkyo would it be ok to post the player aid from the solo thread at the top of the game thread please? I’m going to need it and I’m hopping between tabs at the moment

Oh yeah, I can copy that, d’oh.

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Also, I’m saying wood here, but do I mean ‘boards’?

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Yes, boards.

Player aid is up, but looks terrible if you use dark mode. I’ll make a less transparent version when I get a chance.

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A rules question while I’m posting. Can the sawmill only be used once per turn? For example, if I were to build a second woodcutter and was producing 2 wood per turn, could I put both through the sawmill (assuming I can transport them) and produce 4 boards during secondary production each turn?

See that “max” column on the player aid? Shows how much output is possible in one turn.

Or, more simply: sawmill, coal burner, stone factory, and stock exchange is 6, everything else is 1.

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Okay. Something to think about :+1:

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I took that as a given last turn. We are now on Turn 2.

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I swear I’m on my “dumber days” today.

To elaborate on this a bit, it is really up to the players to determine when they think playing in order is necessary. Likewise, when it is necessary to call conflict and redetermine player order. I’ll try and prompt where possible, but only you know when you might want to sidle in and take some goods before or after another player moves, or cooperate to move goods faster.

The example on conflict in the rulebook is well worth a look. I just wrote out an example turn with lots of conflict, then realised the rulebook does it better.