Dexterity games: Tokyo Highway or Men at Work?

I’m interested in picking up a new dexterity game and these two are top of the shortlist.

Can anyone who has played both weigh in on which they prefer and why?


I have only played Men at Work. I adore it, but it doesn’t quite hold up as a competitive game without incentivizing some, perhaps, less-than-scrupulous play.

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I’d lightly disagree with the unscrupulous part, or at the very least that said lack of scruples leads to less competitive play. That said, there’s no question Men at Work revels in its sloppiness, so if Benkyo was after something a little tighter and meticulous, MaW won’t be it.

Sadly no input for Tokyo Highway either, aside from rabid eagerness to try.


I’ve also only played Men at Work, but I got rid of every other stacking/balancing game I owned because of it. There’s enough going on for it not to feel samey like Jenga, but there’s no excessive rules overhead or point-scoring like Meeple Circus. It is also very pretty. The only downside is that it’s much easier to play-not-to-lose than it is to play-to-win, so once people get quite good you’ll get stalemates.


Definitely Men at Work, but I’ve only played Tokyo Highway once (wasn’t my copy).

The true answer, of course, is Crash Octopus