Deduction Games - AwSHUX Previews


It’s hard to ignore how enthusiastic Quinn’s was about Beast. It was something that was on my radar before but now I’m seriously considering.

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Beast – Quinns seems very enthusiastic, but I find all-vs-one can be a bit socially awkward and prefer pure coop when I can get it (cf A Touch of Evil and the Only Sensible Way To Play). That may just be me. But it does seem rather neater than Fury of Dracula’s approach to the same thing, with lots of stuff but not a massive complexity.

City of the Great Machine – again all-vs-one, but this looks as though it has more faff and fiddle to it, not so much complex in itself as having lots of things to remember. Still, the hidden hero movement is interesting, as well as the citizens. I still have Not Alone though, and its expansions. (Anyone up for a PBF?)

Dune: Betrayal – looks interesting, but for me not interesting enough to win a place on my shelf, even a small-box-sized place. (Also Dune is a bit of a turn-off for me, and the idea that somehow nobody knows who the Baron is…)

The Thing – ah, coming back again. Played a bit of this a few years ago, but it didn’t grab me, any more than Battlestar Galactica did.

A Game of Thrones: B’Twixt – reminds me that I’d quite like to look at Oriflamme. Don’t care for the IP, and I think the name sounds silly, and these may be petty things but if I wanted to play Between Two Coups I’d design it myself. Big plus points for having The Bloody Flux as a card, mind!

Picture Perfect – seems very odd, but I’d really love to try it.

Hit the Silk! – I think this one lost me at the Steal, Bullet, etc. cards., though there’s probably nothing wrong with it.

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Totally lost interest after a couple of sentences of Hit the Silk and City of the Great Machine.

We used to play this kind of game back in the day with a certain group. But I am also not a huge fan of 1-v-all, so even though it looks pretty… not for me,

Dune: Betrayal looks most interesting of this bunch. A small package social deduction team game that seems to twist the Resistance formula enough to be new.

The Thing sounds like an interesting one but since the franchise puts me off… not for me.

Too much Game of Thrones though the scoring seems interesting. Give it another theme and I may take another look.

Picture Perfect was last year‘s big thing for one of the German publishers and they were really miffed because they had prepared an awesome SPIEL booth to show of the game that includes memorable pics to take home and lifesize sets or something like that. They had a hard time selling the game because they needed the buzz from an event like SPIEL to get people to realize it was cool. I admit I never took another look at what it did. Would definitely play. I know at least one gamer I might want to gift this to :stuck_out_tongue:

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Both Beast and City of the Great Machine look interesting. The whole riot mechanic in City, mixed with the hidden hero movement sounds fun.

Love the look of City of the Great Machine and Beast, but deduction games are really not my cup of tea. In fairness, I’ve barely played any, but anytime I hear the mechanics explained I just shut off.

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Deduction is one of my favorite mechanisms. But I already have more deduction games than opponents who like deduction games, so I skipped right over all of these

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Well obviously, unless you know 50 or so people who like board games!

Move closer to me, that’ll get you one more person, anyway. And get me access to that sweet, sweet game collection…