Clash of Cultures Game 1

Game Rulebook can be found here

If you have an interest to play, please visit the recruitment folder.

This is Game 1
The players are
Ross (Rome)
Travis (Aztecs)
Ben (Persia)

Here are some of the board layouts

We will start soon… Everyone will be handed out their Objective and Actions cards…

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@Delwayne asked for a die roll:
3d42: 35 + 24 + 29 = 88
3d38: 26 + 28 + 26 = 80

Occasionally you’ll see some die rolling. These help me with some random listings that I have. Whenever I have to get a card or a map piece, there may be some dice rolling.

Everyone, check in here (make a reply) and I’ll send you your cards in a PM. Everyone don’t forget to set this forum to “Watching”, so you’ll get a notice when someone posts something. Good gaming to all, and please bare with me for any delays or errors. This is a first ever gaming experience…

Excellent. Let the fun begin

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Checking in.

(Please don’t put important info into edits, just make a new post or tag everyone that needs to read the edit.)

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Everyone has received their cards.
Can go ahead and start. His opening moves will help everyone else. Everyone else, if you already know what you’d like to do, you can go ahead and PM me your 3 upcoming actions.

Second to move will be Rome/Ross/Blue. And after that will be Persia/Ben/Red.

This reference card may be of assistance to everyone.

Since this may be a learning game for everyone, go ahead and post questions here. That way everyone will see all the questions and answers and learn at the same time.

OK, we start with happiness, 1 settler, 2 food? Storage limit is 2 food, so we need to advance or create a settler to get started?

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(You could move or collect resources first I believe as well)

(Move seems inefficient with only 1 settler, and collecting resources seems bad when you can’t go above 2 food.)

Some of you may remember that Sid Meier computer game called Civilization?.. this is really similar to it! Yes, your actions that you can take is listed on that player reference card, top left. Those are the possible “actions” and you’ll be doing “three” of them in your turn.

But be aware… “activating” a city “twice” will change the city mood from Happy, to Neutral, then Angry. Those are the three moods of a city.

I think we are going to need a coordinate grid to communicate movement actions.

I think after turn one that’s going to be key.

With civilisation tech do we still need to unlock the top innovation first?

yes. the top/first one of each category has to be first.

No, the civ techs are given “for free” once you get the corresponding tech that unlocks it (see page 32)

Oh, yes, you were asking about the “civilization” specific ones…
yes, they are free once you get the required specific one off your main board.

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@Delwayne asked for a die roll:
16d16: 4 + 5 + 15 + 11 + 8 + 13 + 16 + 5 + 15 + 15 + 10 + 12 + 2 + 7 + 4 + 10 = 152

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What are the die faces on the combat dice?

We will be using a d12 dice system.
The graphics are called “Clash Icon” bonuses.

The red number next to the clash icon is the number on the die. You add them up when totaling the combat totals.

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@Delwayne can I send you a pm about a question about my turn?

Sure. Ben has already done the same thing.

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