[CHARACTER] Uillorard ex Verditius


Uillorard is a small man, just under five feet in height and skinny, with a mass of bright red hair, carefully coiffed into dozens of tiny braids, themselves braided into larger braids, and the larger braids tied up and orderly. He’s handsome, but his face and body are pock-marked with dozens of round, coin-sized burn scars, and his countenance is dour, rarely smiling. He has bright blue eyes, and a piercing, inquisitive gaze.


Uillorard is a bit standoffish, but more out of caution than dislike. He is always interested in learning new secrets, or new magics, and is less lab-bound than many Verditius. He is proud of his own abilities, and enjoys using magic to craft beautiful objects and massive edifices. He covets treasures, be they gold, precious gems, vis, or magic items, and is highly motivated to seek out valuables to add to his hoard.


The boy was born in a mining town in Cornwall, where his mother was a prostitute. She abandoned her baby in an old mineshaft, one of the oldest in the county, unknowingly leaving him near the gateway of a regio. He was found by a faerie dwarf, who brought him home as a gift to his wife. As the baby grew into a boy, the dwarf began to teach him the arts of crafting, and the boy became something in between an apprentice and a slave. As the boy got older, his Gift began to manifest, and the dwarf became crueler and crueler to him, beating him frequently and burning him with coals from the forge.

He would be there now, or would have come to a bad end, were it not for the magi of Semitae. Spending some time in Cornwall, they followed a vision Gerfallon of Criamon had had, of a magus wandering, blindfolded and hands tied in a deep dark mineshaft. Searching the place with magic, the magi discovered the regio, and the faerie smith and the gifted boy. Junius of Verditius bought him with a magic ring, and took the boy as his apprentice.

The boy’s education had been severely limited. While he knew of crafting, and of the fae, he knew little else. Junius was not equipped to teach him, but he wanted to do right by the small, scarred boy; so he arranged for him to spend time at Cambridge, getting an education while splitting his time between Schola Pythagoranis and Semitae. The boy’s gift made tutelage difficult, but the Jerbiton there had private tutors and other ways around the problem of the Gift, and the boy (who had been baptized Piran Smith) attained a degree in laws.

The boy created a masterpiece – a ring shaped from a single diamond, strengthened against breakage and containing an enchantment to ward the wearer against metal – a ring to pay back the price that was paid long ago. Junius was pleased, and declared the boy a magus. The new magus took the name Uillorard upon passing his gauntlet. As a mobile covenant, Semita was abreast of tribunal news, and Junius suggested Voluntas as a place for Uillorard to build his sanctum, as he knew his former apprentice was not interested in joining the nomadic life.

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Got some custom spells, hope that’s ok. Also I took the Rego Terram guidelines for finesse-projectiles above +15, hope that’s ok, if not I will adjust.

Give me a book and page reference for non-standard rules when you want to use them.

Houses of Hermes: Societates 38 for the ReTe guidelines

Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults 136 for Bound Casting Tools (and other Verditius stuff which will come up later.

Art & Academe 91 for Doctor of X.

Sorry if I was supposed to keep stuff to the main book, I can revise if I need to.

The problem I see here is that your character is supposed to have spent fifteen years being a Hermetic Apprentice and ten years being a Law student at a University. Simultaneously. He should be older than he is unless he started hs apprenticeship at the age of five.

The Blatant Gift might make taking a University Degree harder too.

Most Hermetic Apprentices are only taught for one season per year; and University is only two seasons per year.

But if that doesn’t work for you I can change.

They are only taught one season per year.

They spend the other three seasons helping their Master in the laboratory. He isn’t doing this for nothing.

Further I think that ‘Wards’ has to be a Major Magical Focus.

And I know I’ve seen guidelines for conjuring other materials than silver but can’t remember where at this moment. Did you have a source for the difficulty/cost of creating Gold and Diamond?

It’s in the main book. Base 15 for precious metals, base 25 for gemstones. (There is a canon spell for conjuring gold.)

The canon example of the Wards focus is minor; HoH:Mystery Cults 14

(I got it off of here: https://ironboundtome.wordpress.com/2016/11/28/list-of-major-and-minor-magical-foci/)

Right. I found Greed of Midas so that’s OK. (I was being confused by the silver coining spell in COVENANTS.)

I’m still having problems with the Minor Focus on Wards. Firstly because it’s just not like the other example Minor Foci and secondly because the example you give is as a result of a Clan Mystery Initiation. Let me think about it. I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

(Thank you, by the way, for being the first to actually get a character to me!)

Ah, no. What I found was Touch of Midas… Greed is the turbo-powered version.

You are aware that the Quaesitores put limits on how much precious metal gets put into circulation by a single magus or covenant?

It’s just for hoarding and making items out of, he wouldn’t dream of spending his precious gold. It’s a dwarf-blood thing :slight_smile:

At that level trying to move it is likely to ruputure you.

Looks at ReTe score

Ah, good point.

Not wishing to upset you but I think I’m going to have to rule out the second career as a Doctor of Laws. Does this upset your plans too much?

TBH I thought you already did. I’m not thrilled about it but I’ll live. Will require some rebuilding but it seems like I have time for that.

My last defense is that it is a major virtue. So not getting something for nothing.

Nonetheless, no.

I also got a note from the Metacreator program that said that Finnesse could not be higher than 6 ‘due to age’. Naturally, I can’t find the rule that caps Abilities for that reason…

Its 5 but with Puissant. My spreadsheet can’t do the “+2” separately

Ah, gotcha!

Are you ok with the minor magical focus: wards?

I’ll say yes because I don’t want to be a big meanie and I can sort of justify it by reminding myself that Verditius is a Mystery Cult too.