Character ideas for VampireTM


I’m planning that Oldcastle used to be a Camarilla city and the Anarchs kicked them out after a lot of fighting. He could have been recruited as a foot soldier by the Anarchs. Or by the Camarilla, then he switched sides.


I was wondering if I got turned by a player character addict to try and control their supply, but it got complicated… we are now co-dependent, I supply drugs but they now supply me their blood… it could be an NPC but it’s one hell of a PC bond

The downside of that is that if you drink the blood of the same vampire 3 times, you get “blood bound”. Your character would be, to quote the rules, “reduced to a servile lackey in their presence”. It’s like you’ve been hypnotised into thinking you luuuuurve them and want please them, obey them, etc. (You can hate them when they aren’t around).

Unless you spend 4 dots to buy the Unbondable advantage.

Of course, if you guys want to have a Blood Bond relationship, that’s fine. But there are likely to be conversations like this:
PC who wants drugs: Hey, Guvnor. Give me all your heroin for free. And your car. And the keys to your house.
Guvnor’s PC: Yeah, sure.


Maybe I am Unbondable


BTW I would love to do a session zero.
We need to be tightly knit IMHO.
But I can’t do Stabcon


My cunning plans (if folk are agreeable) are:

  1. Do a session where everyone uses pre-gens and we run thru the combat rules. And the social combat rules. So not plot, just a rules test. If there is time, some chat on char gen
  2. A character gen session. Folk can have done a chunk of the char gen offline (e.g. spending points on stats, deciding your clan). But then we can chat thru the communal stuff (tenets, how to spend your coterie points) which we’ve been discussing here in more detail. I can also tell you guys various options from the books, or make setting decisions/pronouncements (e.g. is there a race course/ice rink/area with posh restaurants?). If we get thru it, there can be short bit of in character “meet the major NPCs” afterwards.


That looks like an extremely cunning plan to me.


sounds good, need more than a month-to-month approach at first though.


Due to work stuff, these are the only dates I could do an online combat/game mechanics run-thru…

Sat 18th May 13.00
Sun 26th May 13.00

Email/PM me with preferences.


18th please. I cannot do 26th cos I am GM-ing


Due to my work being awarded the Annual Piss Up in a Brewery Prize for faffing about with work schedules, Sun 19th has now become available. So the dates on offer are now:

Sat 18th May
Sun 19th May
Sun 26th May


Sadly, I now can’t make any of those dates.


I can do 18 and 19, not 26


Okay, I shall nominate Sunday 19th May at 13.00, since Roger and Guvnor can both do that day. And since it will just be a run thru the game mechanics, so we don’t need a full house.

I’ll email out the pre-gen characters, so folk can look them over.


What platform?
I have Goto Meeting


For the last game with several of the same players, Google Hangouts.


Yes, Google Hangouts. I’ll email a link to folk closer to the time.


when do they close Hangouts?


When they have some better way of spying on you?


According to t’interwebs, Google Hangouts is either closing or being re-branded in October 2019. Or 2020.


Could I join at 2pm please?