Can you help me with a survey about board games?

Hello. I am conducting a survey about board gaming because there is an upcoming event and I am hoping to find interesting things to ask / ice-breakers for new people. Can you help me by answering the following questions? Leaving an answer blank is fine if you do not have a strong option. Thank you.

  1. What is the first game you received as a gift?
  2. What game do you play during the holidays?
  3. What game you have enjoyed playing outdoors?
  4. What is your favorite game that involves dice?
  5. What day of the week do you most often play games?
  6. What is your favorite gaming snack food?
  7. Who is your favorite game designer?
  8. What is your favorite board/card game to play digitally?
  1. I don’t remember. One of the early Games Workshop boardgames, I assume.

  2. Nothing in particular.

  3. Hive.

  4. Maybe John Company 2e. I don’t like dice games, generally.

  5. Sunday.

  6. I don’t snack when playing.

  7. Carl Chudyk, maybe? But not consistently.

  8. This changes a lot. I am currently playing Stationfall and hardly any of my old favourites, so I suppose Stationfall.

  1. Chess.

  2. I don’t understand the question.

  3. Recently, Tetrarchia.

  4. I’ll say Martian Dice, as my favourite game that involves nothing but dice.

  5. Weekends.

  6. Tea.

  7. I don’t have one.

  8. Cribbage.

  1. My older brothers owned a lot of GW stuff; it’s likely that it was an expansion to one of the boxed games. If I had to guess I’d go with the either the Plague Fleet expansion for Man O’ War or one of the Talisman (3rd edition) expansions, perhaps City of Adventure?
    In more recent times I think it was The Resistance.

    Oh, hang about, I think it was actually this: Game of Life (Milton Bradley English (UK) edition 1991) | Board Game Version | BoardGameGeek.

  2. 7 Wonders. High player count and reasonably simple to explain the mechanics, if not necessarily the scoring.

  3. Card games with a traditional 52 card deck in a pub beer garden, such as Rummy, Hearts, Spades and President. My friends would often also play Bridge, but I’ve never really enjoyed the game when I’ve played it.

  4. Turns out I don’t play games with dice much any more. I’d probably go with Summoner Wars.

  5. Saturday.

  6. I don’t usually eat while playing games.

  7. Vlaada Chvátil.

  8. Street Masters has recently displaced Root for me, but this changes fairly regularly.

  1. I know I got a number of things as a kid, but Electronic Battleship was probably one of the first I remember getting. For more modern games, my girlfriend (now wife) bought me Munchkin Fu when we were at a random toy shop that had some games. Took forever before we ever played it though.

  2. Nothing in particular.

  3. I haven’t.

  4. Probably Taverns of Tiefenthal, followed by Escape the Curse of the Temple.

  5. Saturday and Sunday.

  6. Don’t often snack while gaming, as we usually eat before diving into a game when we have company. Chips, I guess (crisps, for those weird East-pondians).

  7. For a long time I would have said Antoine Bauza, but I have been really enjoying games by Reiner Knizia lately.

  8. Unmatched, no question. Despite the app being a bit buggy.

Lords of Waterdeep

It’s called “Parenting” – a bit of a folk game where nobody wins and the rules change constantly.


Cthulhu: Death May Die



Uwe Rosenberg

Klondike Solitaire

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  1. First hobbyist gifts were Dominion and Forbidden Island
  2. I assume you mean Christmas? Party games like Happy Salmon, Times Up/ Monikers and I like to get a ‘family’ game for Xmas like Menara
  3. Carrom or card games (crib, Tichu, Yokai Septet, Tindahan, Schadenfreude)
  4. Mino Dice, Perudo, Railroad Ink. Doodle Dash has a dice, but it’s not a dice game.
  5. Wednesday
  6. I’m really fussy about food, greasy food and games. Probably minstrels or smarties
  7. Knizia for lots of games or Tom Lehman or Alexander Pfister for one great game each.
  8. My BGA stats would say Innovation or Race for the Galaxy. Just One is surprisingly great online. Great Western Trail is my favourite game and has an excellent BGA implementation.

Here are mine:

  1. Fun City
  2. Spades (my mom’s side of the family really like it)
  3. Chess
  4. Can’t Stop
  5. Tuesday
  6. Strawberry Twizzlers
  7. Uwe Rosenberg
  8. Through the Ages (SOOO much faster than the physical copy)
  1. star realms
  2. nothing specifically or traditionally
  3. I generally don’t play outside but have played turncoats and skull sitting outside at a pub
  4. Troyes
  5. Saturday
  6. nuts
  7. Cole wehrle
  8. root
  1. Too long ago to remember. Possibly Ludo?
  2. The same games I play when I’m not not on holiday. Unless I go on holiday to a gaming convention, in which case I like to try games I’ve never played before.
  3. It rains too much to play board games outdoors. Also I have no garden. I’ve played role-playing games outdoors in a friend’s garden in the summer.
  4. Currently it is the Haunted West Role-playing game. If you need the answer to be a boardgame instead of an RPG, then Castles of Burgundy.
  5. Monday.
  6. Bombay mix.
  7. Don’t have one.
  8. Carcassone.
  1. Pretty sure that would be Dynamite, a game from the 1980s.

  2. No set game, whatever strikes our fancy. Last year, we made a bit of an advent calendar, this will likely be repeated.

  3. Patchwork springs to mind.

  4. Khôra, maybe?

  5. Saturdays and Sundays, mostly, since we tend to like bigger games.

  6. Pop corn probably.

  7. James A. Wilson, Alexander Pfister, Matt Leacock and Uwe Rosenberg would top the list I think.

  8. I don’t play digitally, I’m afraid.