Call of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep 3 (London)


Session 18 - Just About to Go All Sid James: The Blue Pyramid is not quite as we expect. For one thing, it’s not on fire even when we leave it.

Welcome to @Shimmin who has joined our merry band of idiots.


How insulting!

“Merry” indeed.


I’m not really bearded enough to be merry. It’s quite a hirsute term.

Somehow survived the first session, so things are looking good so far. Better than expected, at least.


And there you go, letting your guard down…


Session 19 - When A Man is Tired of Taking Cover in London: We trust nobody. But they do seem to be leading us in dangerous directions, so what-ho.


Did Nick ever solve the mystery of the fly invasion?

Surely, he Musca spent a lot of time searching for clues.


Rotten pumpkin, now incinerated.