Boardgame Rules Queries - Post here

I have a rule query aboutRoot, but couldn’t think of where to post it.

How about a thread to post rules queries for any game? (I know BGG is good for this, but us lot are friendlier!

So, anyway

just played my first game as the Woodland Alliance. I staged an early revolt in a fox clearing and placed a base.

I had the cards and a further fox target later in the game. Our reading of the rules is that I couldn’t revolt in a fox clearing again because I wasn’t able to place a base.

Was this correct? I’m wondering if I could have revolted in that clearing and moved my base?

From the rules:

Choose Clearing. A sympathetic clearing matching an unbuilt base (cannot revolt if on map).


From what I can see on the video-game, bases don’t move, but you can rebuild it later if destroyed in any clearing with sympathy of the same kind. You only can have three bases maximum, each in one of the three different kinds of clearing (1 in fox, 1 in rabbit, and 1 in mouse)

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We played it right. I don’t remember ‘unbuilt’ being in our rule book. Meant I got my timing wrong