Blood on the Clocktower and the History of Mafia and Werewolf



This is really quite fun.


I am looking forward to watch it. Lately, I have been loving their material, pretty much more than SUSD, even.


Heck of a watch.

I think I’m mostly done with “serious” social deduction games, though. I still have “Fake Artist Goes to New York”, which is frankly sublime, and I own “Mafia de Cuba” which I think may be best-in-class, but I haven’t played BotCT.

But at that price point? Woof. I think I get that it’s great for people for whom it will be great, but even as a DM/Storyteller who loves that role, I don’t think this game will ever be for me.

Great video, though! And it’s a relief to see some validation for the early hype that the SU&SD crew had for this game. Which is a weird feeling to have, but here we are.


I notice there was some shade on Bezier games on their ultimate werewolf thing. It’s weird because I think their might be a similar kerfuffle around one night ultimate werewolf - something like how the original Japanese game is forgotten now. and Oink and Bezier were also in some kind of spat around Insider/Werewords