BGA Question: Possibility to Undo a Turn after Completing it

We’ve been playing a turn-based round of Ruins of Arnak and my friend accidentally passed right at the start of a round. My quick googling turned up nothing but I think I remember something about there being a way to undo a turn if everyone in the game agreed?

We’re playing really slow (and also I was doing pretty good) and just starting over feels like a waste.

Does any of the more frequent players know if there is anything we can do about this?

As far as I know, “Undo” is available in only some games based on the developer of that BGA module providing the necessarily logic.

The “Undo” problem in BGA is one of the reasons I dislike the BGA platform.

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In my experience BGA seems to have an informal policy of every click being final, with only occasional exceptions made by individual developers. So if there is a way, it’ll be by some means specific to that particular game.

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Thanks. Arnak has an undo that works during your turn. But her accidentally passing for the round means the game is basically over. Meh.

Can you not all pass?


You mean play a 4 round game of Arnak? I just played one card this round so far. That might work :slight_smile: better than not finishing at all. Thanks!