AwSHUX'21 Announced & SHUX Update


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I figured this would be the case, but it is good to finally know for certain. I am glad, really, as while I have tickets, I did not have a hotel room or transportation arranged. Now I have another year to figure it out.


You know… I think I’m going to make SHUX 202X happen. I’m going to take time off, sell board games, do whatever I need to do to make it across an entire freakin’ continent to attend the next in-person con SU&SD hosts.

Because although I probably can’t afford it, and I definitely don’t deserve it… life’s too short to not have a little fun every once in a while, yeah? Yeah.


I think the same, probably not next year, as we are planning a long awaited visit to family in Europe, but at some point I intend to cross half a planet to attend one.

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