Async Beyond the Sun on BGA Recruitment

Who wants to join @Benkyo and I for a game of Beyond the Sun? Two more spaces available

This is the best teach I’ve found

I love it. Tech trees, a bit of area control, a bit of worker placement and a bit of a race.

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I want I want… I know most of the game rules already.

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What’s your BGA username?

yashimii… i have not played asynchronously on bga before also for the next hour I’m on mobile because lunch cooking

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It’s ok. Just take a turn when you can. @Benkyo is definitely in a different time zone and we’ll see who else makes up the table.

I’ve got alerts set up for when it’s my turn which helps with async.

The game works on a phone, you need to long press on cards/ worlds to see their power, but it is easier on a computer.

I’ve had async games go not much slower than realtime, but I’ve also been playing a game of Puerto Rico since early February!!

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I’m usually on my computer or tablet enough to make turns regularly. just wanted to explain why I’m not immediately accepting an invite😊 I’m making waffles for dessert.


I will do badly but I’d like to give it a try. RogerBW there too.


I thought you’d want in @RogerBW

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Read the rules. Looks more fiddly than I expected, but I was vaguely expecting a Tom Lehman style game.


Game is set up

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Really works well on tablet. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

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So much hidden information, is there any way to guess at the consequences of our choices?

get the TTS mod and have a look at what cards exist. also i am broadly assuming that certain tech colors fare better with certain strategies

When you uncover a new tech, if you need two previous techs to unlock it you get a choice of colour that goes out. You then get a choice of two techs

Yeah, can’t be arsed with TTS. So, no way from BGA? Guess this will just be experimental.

There’s a card list in the rule book isn’t there? I’ve always found the choices to be interesting and consequential

Oh, I’m not trying to be critical. Some of my favourite games take a lot of plays before you have any way to know what you are doing. Generally digital implementations have ways to get at such information though.

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I’d suggest looking at a couple of level 2 techs as they open and then deciding what to do. You’ve worked out planets already, so red military cards help with that

I printed put the rulebook and no card list. And very little info on BGG.

Just imagine this was your first game of Innovation :slight_smile: exciting discoveries await.

If I manage to get to TTS over the weekend I can check how much stuff there is and if screenshots are feasible.

Highly recommend checking out the conversation between Spacebiff and the designer in a recent spacebiff podcast. I posted about that one before, didn’t I?