Any love for foamcore?... Or... how do I store this thing?

Sometimes, I regret buying games because I misjudged how fun they are or if I can get them to the table. Well… in this case: Marvel Champions on the left and Orichalkum on the right, arrived yesterday, were played yesterday and today and I felt compelled to immediately „fix“ their organization (which I only do for games I intend to play a lot). Now if only I had enough sleeves for Marvel… and I know both will see more plays soon.

So no regrets. Very excellent additions to the shelves. I have just one big complaint: FFG, why make an insert that has spots for dividers and then sell it without dividers???


More related to the latter half of the title but has anyone else here gotten Frosthaven and come up with a good way to store it?
I received my copy, which is both joyously and panick inducingly large, and as part of the Kickstarter I got the Folded Space insert but after checking out its layout I’m not sure if it’s actually any better than the base storage solution. Has anyone used the FS storage? Or come up with their own way of doing it?

I’ve got the folded space insert and the map tile box from them as well. It works great for organizing all the pieces with just a tiny bit of extra help. Mostly, it needs a few extra card dividers, very easily made, to separate the monster cards at the very least and maybe a few others. It doesn’t work so well at getting everything back into the box as it is an exceedingly tight fit that has to be put back just so to make it work. And of course the map tile box doesn’t fit at all, but it isn’t meant to.

I’m lucky in that I have a very large game room so I can give Frosthaven extra shelf space and don’t have to put all the containers back in the box, so it works well for me. If I wanted to actually put it all back completely, it would be frustrating but doable, with the large exception of the map tile box.

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Revive is so good and such a hassle with setup that I just had to build some helpful trays:

I am happy I was able to fit the tribe boards into the card and tile holding tray.
I am keeping the player materials in baggies because that’s the easiest and most compact way to do it.
If I had wanted to be really fancy I might have considered something more elaborate for the cards but there is very little air in the box without foamcore taking up some of it and so I went for the thinner stuff and only 3 trays instead of the half a dozen the game might profit from.

And now I really want to play another solo.


Marrakesh needed some sorting, and the box was big enough that I didn’t have to worry too much about efficiency and so could aim for “box to table” convenience instead.


it won’t fit in the box anymore. it was never going to… but i needed some quick hacks for the loose parts


So Frosthaven is like Gloomhaven in that aspect…


were you expecting anything else?
i think i will have to make more elaborate trays… it is just too much stuff.


my “solution” for Imperium Classics+Legends+Horizons :upside_down_face:


I’ve just been repaccking Ashes. When you get into an LCG they don’t tell you there’ll be times like this.

(From growing up in London in the 1970s and 1980s, “A-D, E-K, L-R, S-Z” is my default four-way alphabetical split.)


It fits sleeved and a suitable ribbon to help get the cards out.

Left Side: 4 suits of cards

Right Side: Poker Chips, Player Aids, 5th suit and the bid cards