Anachrony, any good?

Curious about what people think about anachrony? Is it good. The theme and time mechanics sound extremely cool but I’m not sure how much of it is intuitive vs just fiddle.

Also is the infinity box just too much anachrony?

I have the base game (Essential Edition) without the minis.

I’ve only played it once so am really not in a great position to comment, but I will anyway. Also, I’m rubbish at worker placement.

The theme isn’t my cup tea, although the time travel element is quite cool. If dystopian sci Fi is your bag then there’s a lot of it and I think the theme extends to the mechanics.

There’s a lot going on, there’s a massive amount of stuff on the table.

I got it on eBay for £30 and I’m happy at that price. First play was ok but it will get smoother as we know the rules better before getting to know strategies.

None of us pushed the boundaries of getting punished by the time travel.

Basically it didn’t jump at me and demand to be played again, but I’d be happy to put it on the table at some point. If you wait until I’ve played it a couple more times I may take an offer for it!


I haven’t actually managed to play it yet. From what I’ve seen, it’s a clever take on worker placement. If you played without the expansions, it seems to me it would be somewhat lacking in depth. I think the expansions are what elevate it beyond “a clever worker placement game with a push-your-luck mechanism”



I quite like Anachrony. The time travel element is well integrated with the worker placement to be fun and make sense thematically, I think. The variable player powers are also quite nice and add to the replayability.

The Infinity Box is very big indeed and almost certainly too much Anachrony. Some of it is very nice. Some of it I haven’t got to yet. If you have a small game collection and want a heavier game to play quite a bit, this could be something to go for. If you have a large game collection and think you’ll only play Anachrony a couple times a year at most, you’ll never miss anything in the giant box. You’ll have your hands and brain full just remembering how to play the base game every time you take the game back off the shelf and won’t be that interested in adding in more modules.


I’ve played it once. I went into it thinking it might be overwrought and frustrating (in the way that Lacerda games whack you over the head if you don’t “get” them) but I was pleasantly surprised. The rules explanation took a long time but I found them fairly easy to internalise once we got started; there wasn’t much “how do I get X again?” or “hang on, I’m one thing short for the 873rd step of this process, I’m going to need to unwind the first 872 steps of my turn and choose something else”.

I’m looking forward to having another bash at it when we’re able to start meeting up in person again!