Algorithmic game storage

Been trying out with this little game-arranging app:

It reads your BGG collection and tries to arrange it on the shelves you specify. It seems like a different sorting algorithm would be more efficient but it’s fun to play around with.


I’ve toyed with this very project but ultimately encountered a deficiency significant enough to stop further exploration.

However, in this vein, I’m very happy that I have identified the specific version of my games in my collection. Unfortunately, box sizes are not well-curated on BGG, the way other data are


Played around with it and it was interesting. I have to filter the thing though to remove unplayed games. Once I only put the highly rated, I’m pleased to see that I only need 1.5 bookcase.

My 4x4 Kallax is small enough that I know how to arrange things. Same sizes tend to stay together to maximise space use. The abhorrent TTR-size ones stay together. Carc-size games, the same. I made full use of the Kallax’s depth, which gives me space at the top half to put a game there horizontally.