Airecon 2022 - anyone else going?

Airecon is a boardgame (and a bit of roleplaying) convention that will be happening in Harrogate from 11-13 March. I plan to go.

(The last games convention I went to was Airecon in 2020. In retrospect it probably wasn’t a great idea, but I got away with it.)

Any other forum people planning to be there? Should we get together a quiz team for Friday evening?

I shall be there and happy to do some quizzing!

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I’ll be there!


Sadly not. I really enjoyed the con in 2019, but I won’t feel confident being at that sort of event until things are a lot more settled with the pandemic.


Entirely fair, sir. Shame not to see you but I absolutely won’t say you’re wrong.


I might get a day in, but a 2.5 hour trip each way is a bit off putting

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I’m not going this year (got a wedding in 3 months to organise and boy is that way more work than I’d anticipated!) but I hope to be back in 2023 as it’s such a lovely convention.


Im actially in London on Friday and could get off a train at york and join in, if it is new person and solo friendly. Ill think about it over the weekend!

OK, this is personal impressions.

New person? Sure. The staff are generally helpful (they are gamers rather than “event staff”, except the bag-check blokes on the door and the food vendors); the default is pretty much “here are the tables, there’s the games library, have fun”, but for example they usually have a system of flags to say “please come and sit here and play a game with me”, or you can put up a card saying “sign up here to play this game at this time”, and so on.

Solo? In the sense of solo gaming, or turning up on your own?

Solo gaming? Not supported but nobody’s going to object if you’re playing a game on your own.

Solo attendance? Well, as above; they aren’t going to push you into anything but there are ways of finding other gamers if you want to.


Yeah - solo as in on my own. I am not bothered normally (been to three world sf cons on my own and quite happy) but normally go to uk games expo with one of my sons and occasionally some mates. It feels a bit different at a boardgame con if you dont have anyone to play with … or does it?

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I’ve almost always gone to them solo, and never had trouble getting into games (and I am not the sort of person who puts himself forward much). At bigger shows (Essen, UKGE) I sign up to run game demos but Airecon is my largest “not working” show.

Possibly of interest:

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If anyone wants a lightly used copy of Gloomhaven with removable stickers and folded space insert, I’m selling mine for £60 and collection from Airecon. I’m there all three days.

(Lightly used meaning that 4 of the character boxes have been opened, I’ve played a few scenarios, and there are removable stickers on a couple of cards)


I’ll be there, showing off our next game, Damask. It’s a silk weaving pattern making game by new designer Barbara Burfoot. Please come and say hello!


Sentinels is getting fiddly.


Portable games library, 2022 edition.



Poutine is fun.

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Nerdy board games are go!


New favourite game of the con- Pictures

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Good to meet people, if quite briefly. I think a lot of gamers were testing the waters after 2-ish years away from large conventions, and my feeling was positive - the organisers went to a lot of trouble to make it clear they were still taking things seriously.