Aire Con 2023 - UK convention

I’m not working at this one. A bunch of 1 Player Guild UK members are also turning up so I hope we can end up combining into a larger cluster of positively-inclined people.

My current list:

  • Rallyman GT
  • Rallyman Dirt
  • Sentinels + RCR
  • The Climbers
  • Damask
  • Xia
  • Ashes

I can bring Yokohama :slight_smile:


Is Thug walkable from the convention?

Define “walkable”. It’s mostly uphill, but it’s about 700m on the map.

(Last time I went past both the Geek Retreat and the local weird-and-occult bookshop.)

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I was thinking that it would be great to get at least one forum game of something at the weekend - we’re going to be there mid afternoon on Friday (although the forecast is worrying) and leave on Sunday lunchtime. We’re going out for a curry on Friday night.

The GAME web app has a big game of Heat at 3pm on Friday that we’ve jumped on.

I’m not sure how many we are in total (@Whistle_Pig and me are both plus 1)?

That’s four; plus me, @Lordof1, @lalunaverde; @MarkSP I’m sure is welcome to join us but will probably be working most of the time. @raged_norm?

(Forecast for snow on Thursday; I’ll try to set out a bit earlier than I’d planned.)

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I’m not there…

Sadly not attending this year. Tina and I had hoped to drop by late on Friday, but that isn’t going to work out.

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Sidereal confluence? :grin:


I doubt I’ll get another chance to play it any time soon…


I was going to say Cosmic Encounter for 8 players, or a party game. I know very little about Siddereal


Anybody there on the Thursday?

Yes, but I don’t know what time I’ll be getting in - a nominal 4-hour drive, plus traffic and weather.

Okay, wait-wait-wait.

As a resident Canadian… no. I mean… yes, but also no.

“Traditional” poutine is fries (chips), beef gravy, cheese curds (ideally squeaky), and that’s it. Full stop.

If you want the proper French Canadian Poutine Experience™, then you should also say disparaging things about the English, and perhaps be oppressed slightly but claim you are oppressed heavily.

That stated, the poutine they’re serving (served? I haven’t gotten further down the thread yet) sounds delicious, and I love atypical poutines far more than Traditional Poutine. But, come on, if you’re going to call it Traditional… do it traditionally? It would be like me saying “Traditional English Fish and Chips!” and have it be salmon with a side of sweet potato waffle-cut fries.

My favourite “poutine” (air quotes required) is Butter Chicken Poutine: fries smothered in good Butter Chicken, and that’s it. Super good, albeit not really poutine, but still delicious and who cares what you call it. Pulled Pork Poutine is a solid second, and then Buffalo Chicken Poutine (breaded deep-fried chicken hacked up, tossed in hot sauce and butter, and then put on fries, chicken gravy, and cheese curds).

Anyway. /rant

I remember there being cheese curd involved last year, but my photo is not probative:

Have you tried Anti-Cheese? Brunost, Norwegian whey “cheese” (i.e. the liquid residue you’d normally throw out when making cheese). It’s brown and offputting and delicious.


These would also be good options!

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Exactly what I look for in a sort-of food.


We will be there on Thursday assuming that the snow doesn’t mess with our plans too much!

After I’ve finished setting up the stand, I’ll hopefully have picked up Stationfall, a game I’ve spent hours working out how to teach in 15 minutes, if people are interested.


Ooh. I can bring Captain Sonar.