A War of Whispers (TTS, tonight)

How long before legacy games include pots of paint?

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(I may have just pledged for a standard edition pledge level)


Nope. I swapped Blue for Yellow. And the results turn out to be the same for both factions!


Im gonna do the boring way and by some proxy wooden bits from bgextras.co.uk :joy:

It complements the minimalistic cube armies


I’m sorry for the Great Blue Rampage! The yellow were too comfortable there with all those cities. They didn’t stand a chance :sob::sob::sob:

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The core of the gameplay seems to be about punching down, according to your allegiance or pts ladder, and make people do the work for you whenever possible.

I think I will back it. The standard one, at least. Will have to check the price for UK. Still not 100% sure!

The comparison with Dogs of War was spot on @KIR2 . It’s been years since I have played Dogs of War.

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Yeah the use of stocks made it feel a lot like DoW on an Inis map. But I think it’s slightly harder to get into those endless pyrrhic battles with WoW since everyone’s locked into the same multipliers rather than buying stock.

I still don’t know how I feel about buying it. The TTS mod worked so well I don’t know if playing the physical game will feel like a lot more faff! Its great fun for the length , not many games fall into that just over an hour bracket. With experienced players I could see it falling into 45-60mins quite easily.

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The King is Dead falls under this, which is another one of these types of games. Recommend that as well.


New edition of the King is Dead is due to be published by Osprey later this year.