2022 10 x 10 style challenges

Since the weather has been horrible all week so far I’ve done nothing in the garden and have been thinking about gaming challenges. I think I’m going to try a 20 x 5 this year - seems a bit more achievable than a 10 x 10. This is my starting lineup:

Who else is doing a challenge in 2022?


OK, I realise this will seem pretty pathetic to all of you but… At least once a MONTH manage to get the family together for a game. This is much more challenging that you think…


This is a great challenge! Are your family gamers already, or are you hoping to convert them?


That’s not pathetic at all.

I want to, but I don’t know what games to put on. I feel like my taste changed a lot over the last year. I also fear that anything not on BGA may be a struggle.

My other problem is logging plays. I know I’ll inevitably get BGStatd at some point which would make life easier. Once I miss a couple of games I find it hard to carry on.


Sounds like a job for the PubMeeple ranking engine!


I’m going to stick with trying a new 10x10. I really enjoy thinking about what ten genres of game I want to play, and then 2 or 3 games in those genres to try and get to the table. Even if/when I fail abysmally, it’s still a neat thought experiment and something to look forward to!

Plus this pandemic can’t last another full year, can it?

… please don’t answer that.


If you need any (probably async) help with the Splotters and Wehrles, let me know =)


I’ll join for the first time. :stuck_out_tongue: Standard 10 x 10. Would need to come up with a lineup.


I’m not going to name my 10×10 in advance because I didn’t enjoy the feeling of having to play in December… but I’ll try for an “easy” 10×10 again, just seeing whether I make that during the year.

I’m going to give the BGG 52 game challenge another go. I’m not fond of all these “your favourite prompt from a previous year” entries but I’ve enjoyed this before.


That looks interesting, and quite difficult! I’m a bit confused by:

  1. Play a game where cards slide along a path.

Do they mean (for example) a game that has a market of cards that slide to the cheaper slots when someone buys one?

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I’m assuming Pax Pamir 2 fits nicely


I will be doing some kind of challenge. Haven‘t had the quiet time to think about it.

  • a 10x10 with games I now think I might play 10 times each which I will fail at like all these years.
  • a 10x10 that just happens as I play (much more achievable)

Additionally, I want to get my shelf of unplayed games played. It‘s been shrinking slowly especially with reduced „incoming“ :slight_smile:


I’ve been thinking about games for this. I’ve got a couple I know I want to play a lot to see if I love them. Also, need to check with my wife as she’ll be involved in most of it.

Yellow and Yangtze
Beyond the Sun
Spirit Island

10 plays is a lot if you don’t love a game!


I think so. The interpretations usually seem to be fairly liberal, and for some people coming up with a convoluted way in which a description can apply to a game is part of the fun.


Oh. they like games well enough - but getting them when they are all in the right mood at the right time is a significant challenge. I’m going to have to exclude the son going to UNI obviously… :smiley:


Had a bit of time to think. I decided to do a challenge that includes games my partner agrees we might play:

  • The Crew 2
  • Flourish
  • Gloomhaven (before Frosthaven hits)
  • The LOOP
  • My City
  • Radlands
  • Rallyman GT (on BGA)
  • Scape Goat
  • Splendor (on BGA)
  • Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition

And I am doing a solo challenge b/c I expect to be still playing solos but I have lost the habit to play big games in the evenings. So here‘s a list of solos, I intend to play:

  • Burgle Bros 2
  • Dune: Imperium
  • Imperium: Classics/Legends
  • Obsession
  • Root
  • Spirit Island
  • Calico
  • Sagani
  • Sprawlopolis
  • Railroad Ink Challenge

I doubt I‘ll manage the first 5 of those 10 times each. But I am reasonably sure about the second half :slight_smile:

Additionally, I‘ve created a challenge (in BGStats) to play 50 owned games that I haven‘t played yet. As I have incoming pre-orders and unplayed games that number 70+ games… getting 50 of those played at least once seems … possible?

I‘ll be mulling over my game choices for a bit.


Thought I’d see how I’d done with the 2021 52 games challenge (retrospectively) - surprisingly well, it turns out!

  1. Play a game with eastereggs: Galaxy Trucker
  2. Play a game connected to the history of the day you play it on.
  3. Play a game with a specific time of day in its title, not just day/night (dawn, noon, midnight): Rising Sun
  4. Play a game where you can destroy buildings: Ankh
  5. with at least two females on the team (designer, artist, publisher…) Wingspan
  6. Play a game with more than two reprints: Love Letter
  7. Play a game from the BGG >10 000: Mr. Face
  8. Play a game with a title with your initial (hard: all initials): Stew
  9. Play a version of a game that is new to you. (add an expansion, try one of the versions on BGG, etc.) Sidereal Confluence remastered edition
  10. Play a game with animals in artwork, but not relevant to gameplay. Tiny Towns
  11. Play a game with a story. Oh My Goods! Longsdale in Revolt
  12. Play a game connected to your favourite subject in school On the Origin of Species
  13. Play a game with shoes in it. Roam
  14. Play your favourite prompt from 2016
  15. Play your favourite prompt from 2017
  16. Play your favourite prompt from 2018
  17. Play your favourite prompt from 2019
  18. Play your favourite prompt from 2020
  19. Play a game that includes day and night.: Blood on the Clocktower
  20. Play a game in a rural setting.: Viticulture
  21. Play a doorstopper (weighs 3 kg. (Dominion base: 1.5 kg; Viticulture: 1.7 kg.)**: Gloomhaven
  22. Play a game with a VP track around the edge of the board.: Brass: Lancashire
  23. Play a game you associate with a song: Just One
  24. Play a game by an Asian designer.: Deep Sea Adventure
  25. Play a game with a lot of air in the box.: Splendor
  26. Play 3 games starting with the same letter I: Wibbell ++
  27. Play 3 games starting with the same letter II: Wavelength
  28. Play 3 games starting with the same letter III: Welcome To…
  29. Play a language independent game.: Dixit
  30. Play a game with a character who has a disability: Dead of Winter
  31. Pick a random word from the dictionary and play a game with the word in it. (randomwordgenerator.com)
  32. Play a game with two articles in the title: The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches
  33. Play a game with a shape in the title.: Among the Stars
  34. Play a game you should not have (played, bought, looked at…): SHASN
  35. Play a game with a time track.: Patchwork
  36. Play a game that was published in 2021: 7 Wonders Architects
  37. Play a game with a family in it: Caverna
  38. Play a game with something broken on the cover Saboteur
  39. Play a game about art or an artist: Art Decko
  40. Play a (dark) academia game: Fury of Dracula(?)
  41. Play a game with climate: Evolution: Climate
  42. Play a game with or about music: Can’t Stop (is a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  43. Play a crowdfunded game (you do not need to have backed it) Railroad Ink
  44. Play a game that leaves you thinking: Oath
  45. Play a game with exactly three words in the title: Eight Minute Empire
  46. Play a game designer’s first game: Tsuro
  47. Play a game by a designer used in another category: Pax Pamir 2E
  48. Play a game that includes an abbey, church or vicarage: Ulm
  49. Play a game that is about transportation: 1862
  50. Play a game with royalty in it: Oriflamme: Ablaze
  51. Play a game with an oxymoron in the title: Near and Far
  52. Play a game with hearts, clubs, spades or diamonds on the cover: Papayoo

I will happily give you (or anyone) a game of Rallyman GT and/or Splendor on BGA at any time. :slight_smile:


Definitely going to do some kind of challenge. Might be another “# x 5” mixed in with some “# x 1” plays to try to get unplayed or underplayed games to the table. Did that this year and actually managed a few.


Zero expectations that I will succeed but these are the ones I really want to play.


Game Plays
El Grande 0
Tigris & Euphrates 0
Stephenson’s Rocket 0
Inis 0
Senators 0
The Great Zimbabwe 0
Calimala 0
1862: Railway Mania in the Eastern Counties 0
1828 0
1860: Railways of the Isle of Wight 0

20 New to Me

Game Played?
Wallenstein 2nd ed No
Traders of Genoa No
Warpgate No
Magnate: First City No
Argent: the Consortium No
Pax Renaissance No
Vinhos Deluxe No
Ortus Regni No
Kaivai No
Versailles 1919 No
In the Shadow of the Emperor No
Senji No
Import/Export No
Path of Light & Shadow No
Brick & Mortar No
Amyitis No
Ys No
Qin No
Dual Gauge No
Harzbahn 1873 No