#195: Cryo (title padding)


The hosts are, briefly, back in the same room again, and this has had the unfortunate effect of bringing out the very worst in Mark. Don’t worry, he doesn’t spend ten minutes complaining about the implied political claims of kids’ shows, but his mind naturally went to the gutter of abominable puns. You have been warned.

Games Played Last Week:
01:16 -On Mars (Vital Lacerda, Eagle-Gryphon Games, 2020)
04:24 -Pulsar 2849 (Vladimír Suchý, CGE, 2017)
06:37 -Hibachi (Marco Teubner, Grail Games, 2021)
09:41 -The Siege of Runedar (Reiner Knizia, Ludonova, 2021)
16:51 -Isle of Skye: Druids (Andreas Pelikan & ALexnader Pfister, Lookout Games, 2018)
21:08 -L.A.M.A. Dice (Reiner Knizia, AMIGO, 2021)
25:15 -The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged (Johnny O’Neal, Britherwise Games, 2021)
27:09 -Brian Boru: High King of Ireland (Peer Sylvester, Osprey Games, 2021)
33:37 -7 Wonders: Architects (Antoine Bauza, Repos Production, 2021)
37:21 -For Science! (R. Eric Reuss, Grey Fox Games, 2021)

News (and why it doesn’t matter):
45:44 Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow (i.e., Werewolf/Mafia) licensed for a movie
47:12 Kickstarter moving to blockchain for… reasons

50:41 Feature Game: Cryo (Tom Jolly & Luke Laurie, Z-Man Games, 2021)

I gotta bump this. Cryo hit my FLGS of choice recently and I grabbed it immediately. I know NPI had been particularly rough on it, and there really hadn’t been much buzz post-launch, but something about it kept it at the forefront of my mind while I waited to see it here. I wouldn’t say I had particularly lofty expectations, but certainly my excitement factor was pretty high, and after a couple of plays with my partner I’m seething for more. It’s a pretty standard worker placement game, mechanically, but it’s lean and it’s tight, and it banks entirely on the promise of dynamic interplay with your opponents. This is not a friendly game. So far it’s really delivering.