Your „ready“ Stack

With the move finally „around the corner“ (exactly a month from now is the planned date), I have started to pack some games into boxes, have even moved a couple of the boxes with the games I would least miss to the house.

So the stack of games littering my living room has shrunk (I have some shelves but the collection has not been „contained“ for years now, even when I was almost down to 200, I didn‘t have enough shelf space).

Now the stack of games in the living room seems to represent the games I felt like I wanted to have „on hand“ until the last week or so:

Off to the side is Spirit Island which to tell the truth I haven‘t been relaxed enough to play this year. Due to the wooden box it is not easily packable in any case, as are a few other „loiterers“ that shall remain unpictured.

Most of the games in the picture are there so I can play them solo. Flick of Faith has a stupid non-standard format that I won‘t be able to store anywhere. I haven‘t had a chance to learn Pollen yet. The 2 party games are new and it is good to have some on hand just in case.

In any case this seems like a not bad cross-section of my collection—organically grown when I selected which games to pack up :slight_smile:

Which games are on your ready stacks/want to play lists? Or are your collections so small they are the stack? Or do you have such nice shelving, you can access all your games in O(1)?


My small games cupboard is in the main living area of our house, so I guess that’s my ready stack.

Other than that my large games spaces is two games deep, so the games I want to play more gravitate to the front.

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Great games!

(I must play Outer Rim soon. And Beyond the Sun.)

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The main game store at my place is next door to the main room, which gets used for other things too and doesn’t have room to have games kept in it, so I don’t really have a “ready” stack separate from the rest of them.

(Some day the store will be nice enough for me to post a shelfie. But broadly it’s “small boxes in former mushroom crates, larger boxes in a wobbly stack, big boxes on shelves”.)


I wish I had use for a “ready stack”, but the games I’ve been taking to just about every monthly meet are Innovation, Race for the Galaxy, Mottainai, Impulse, and Glory to Rome.

Also Modern Art and Horseless Carriage, though the latter no-one else actually plays, so it’s mostly just decorative.


My core collection is my Stack :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: but it’s too large to be a proper Stack. But reducing it more proved very difficult. Sad face.


Most of my games are in the garage, other than a small subset on some shelving in the hall closet. Sadly, those do not constitute my “ready” stack.

In the garage are two bookshelves and one 4x2 Kallax shelf, but that is not enough to store all my games, so there are games just stacked in there as well. That said, the games we play most often are in those stacks, or in easy reach on the shelf.


I have a stack downstairs near the table which is a mix of games I’m playing solo, ones my partner is willing to play, things I’m intending to try soon, and things I brought down the last time we had guests. Everything else is upstairs in another room, and still hasn’t acquired proper shelving since we moved house two years ago, so is mostly either in/on two very large cardboard boxes, in one of the bags I use for carrying games, or in piles on the floor near those other things.

Even the “ready stack” has gotten a bit chaotic… I ought to take some of that back to join the more sprawling chaos upstairs…


At the moment all of our games fit on shelves in our living room, which is also where we play them. It’s not a large house, so I could almost pull anything off the shelf without getting up from the table :laughing:


My Kallax shelves have my “main” games, ones I’d play anytime. I have even used a shelf for my rpg games, which I seem to keep buying, even though we haven’t played any (apart from For the Queen and Alice is Missing). I’ve tentatively broached the subject with my group, and I’m sensing a bit of pushback. I think they’re worried it will be a big stodgey mess and funny voices. Ok, I’m probably worried about this too.

I seriously need to sell stuff, I have games stacked up on the floor, and I know they won’t get played. I don’t want to play them either, definitely need to move them on.