Wristwatches that have weekly alarms

Our eldest is going to get picked up in front of the school gates by a teacher from a language specialist daycare, at different times on different days.

She is terrible at time management, and can’t reliably tell the time yet, and we can’t rely on a school teacher to shepherd her to the gate every day.

So, I figured a wristwatch with an alarm would be a useful tool, right?

Well, it seems like weekly alarms instead of daily ones are just not something wristwatches ever got around to before being supplanted by “smart” watches (which offload the work onto phone apps). The problem with cheap “smart” watches is the 2-3 day battery life, and all the other junk they come loaded with.

Is there really no good solution for this?

Kids size, preferably pink, weekly alarm setting, decent battery length, like you’d expect of a non-“smart” watch?

Totally frustrating me. Think we’ll have to settle on one of the health tracker devices, but that awful battery life…

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The timex digital watch I had when I was in middle school (late 80s) had at least two alarms, and you could choose which days they were active. (So you could have a different alarm on the weekend, I guess. ). It was not exactly hard to do, but pretty annoying, and I doubt many people besides teenagers who spend their weekends playing car wars bother.

So, they exist. But you see why it might be uncommon. Or it might be a standard thing. I gave up in watches for about 25 years, before getting a tech bauble.


I remembered that the watch I had was called an ironman. I went and looked at the manual for one of the current model, which had this gem in it.

But also



Unfortunately, I have had no luck finding such a basic function in my scouring of the interwebs. Perhaps that’s just me failing, but I have definitely seen many, many watches with “multiple alarms”, only to find out through questioning the retailer or other buyers that this means daily alarms only.

Just finished searching for Ironman/Timex watches, and the user manual for the only pink/purple/white ones I could find has only a single daily/weekday/weekend setting. Also $52 and not easily available in Japan.

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Buy some. Test them. Return the ones that don’t do it.

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That would seem like a reasonable option if I thought there were any possibility of stumbling across one that actually had the function.

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I did a bit of googling as well and while there seems to be a market for smart watches for kids, it doesn‘t feel like what you are looking for.

My first thought was: a pager would be neat. Just something that beeps an alarm at her and the alarm is triggered from a call that you could program from a calendar with the individual appointments.

My partner on the other hand found this: https://www.garmin.com/en-GB/p/544984

  • Features up to 1 year battery life; no recharging needed
  • Stylish, kid-friendly design is comfortable, durable and swim friendly1
  • Tracks steps, sleep and 60 minutes of recommended daily activity2
  • Compatible mobile app on an adult’s smartphone includes task management tools and a fun mobile adventure trail for kids to unlock
  • Kids complete tasks and earn coins to redeem for agreed-upon rewards managed by parents

Task management may be what you are looking for?
But then it may not be…


This might be daft, but could you only give them the watch on the day she goes?

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That’ll be every weekday, at different times.

Yashima, that looks promising, thanks! About four times more expensive here than I would like, but at least it seems like it has flexible alarms and a decent battery life.