Would anyone be interested in a Secret Santa?

I’ve just signed up for the BGG secret Santa, which reminded me how much I enjoy doing this kind of thing (I’m a semi-regular participant in Reddit gift exchanges). Would there be any interest in doing something similar on here? I’m happy to organise if so.

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I’m very bad at dropping hints as to what I want but if there’s some way of working that out I’d be happy to join in.


The simplest way is probably your BGG wishlist, if you have one. The longer the list, the greater the element of surprise!


I’m game.

DriveThruRpg can make a good resource for some of the other niche of the site.

And then there’s always uncle Amazon.

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I’m in, sounds fun

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This is how I’m imagining it would work:

  • We set a (reasonable) price point for a gaming-related (board game/RPG/video game) gift.
  • Anyone who wants to join in sends me a PM
  • Participants post their wishlists/ideas in a discussion thread, or PM me if you want to keep it private.
  • Include links to local retailers to save on international shipping
  • Include whether you are okay with someone going off your list for a gift, and whether you are ok with used games.
  • I use one of the dozens of secret Santa matcher websites to work out who is gifting to whom.
  • Send gift to your recipient.
  • Enjoy the surprise!
Price point/participation (select all that apply):
  • I’d like to join in but I’m skint
  • £10
  • £15
  • £20
  • £25
  • I’d be happy to be send a gift to more than one person (within reason)

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One thing possibly worth considering: “I’m willing to send stuff internationally”. Though I think a policy of “buy from someone’s domestic retailer if at all possible” is probably a good one; someone in the USA might well send a small game to me that would end up costing me more than its actual price here because of customs and collection fees, and there’s no reason why they should have to know that about the UK.


I was thinking about this, if I knew the address of someone in the US (for example), I could buy from a US store for local shipping. I assume that would work.

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That’s what I’ve done before for Reddit gift exchanges, and it works pretty well.
For my BGG secret Santa sign up, I included links to some local game stores to make it easy to avoid Amazon!


I’ll leave the poll up until tomorrow morning, and then I’ll post an organising thread.

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