Will SUSD Consider Leaving Twitter?

Not sure if this is the right topic to post this in, but I wanted to make an appeal. I love the content of SUSD’s tweets, but since Twitter has been acquired it has devolved into a cesspool that I can’t bear to interact with in any way. I was hanging on to the app on my phone for the few people who I follow (SUSD included) who post updates about thing they’re working on, but I can no longer in good conscience even have that X logo on my phone.

I joined a Mastodon server during one of the great Twitter migrations and have found it a much better alternative. While it may not drive the same level of “engagement” with posts, I’ve noticed that people have much more meaningful interactions with posts.

I won’t advocate for any specific instance or even assert that Mastodon is the way forward, but I just wanted to bring up the potential for migrating the twitter content to somewhere more welcoming and inclusive (and less open to hate speech)


I think a lot of us are in the same position. I can’t wait to leave twitter (I’m enjoying BlueSky, but it’s early-access and tiny numbers) but there doesn’t look to be a replacement with the same global reach yet.

One of the others will need to become a lot bigger before any company can properly talk to their customers with it in the same way as through Twitter.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, but posts by individuals I’ve friended on twitter are WAY down / totally dead compared to 2 years ago, so it’s probable “X” is on its way out (or at least changing drastically from what it used to be). This month though, there’s just no real alternative for SUSD to reach people in the same way.

Also, welcome! I hope you enjoy the forums :smiley:

I would love it considering I don’t have Twitter so if it even lets me see their page, the tweets are all super old??? Not sure what’s going on with that (this is in private browsing too so I don’t think it’s cache-related).

Weird. That’s definitely the right page, and the 659 / 46.5k are today’s current numbers:


For @gandalfdg 's benefit: as far as we know none of the SU&SD crew reads this forum regularly. Certainly they don’t participate. So this isn’t a good way to reach them.

Nitter is still working (for now); lets you see the tweets, doesn’t track you.



Good to know about, thanks! This is happening for another podcast that only posts updates on Twitter as well :roll_eyes: so this is super handy.

As was mentioned, it is doubtful any of the SU&SD crew actually use these forums. I do know Tom, at least, pops into the Discord now and then, but the best bet to reach them would be via email at contact@shutupandsitdown.com

They say they read all their email, even if they can’t reply, so it’d at least get your question viewed by the crew.


Seems like the original question has been addressed so I’m going to sneak in and throw out a request. I’m on Twitter and would love to get off it so if anyone has a blue sky invite, I’d be interested!

I do, will message you!

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I think everything’s kind of stuck in limbo at the moment.

There are still a lot of people on Twitter because that’s where all the major stuff is and the major stuff isn’t going to move away until the place becomes full unuseable and there’s a significant upside to going somoewhere else.

So smaller outfits are stuck just posting everywhere in the hope that their audience will all see it (eg TikTok might be the major player in the “short videos to watch on your phone” space, but you’re missing out on a significant chunk of your audience if you’re not posting the same content to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc).

Hell, I remember SU&SD back in the day talking about how they had people who just listened to the podcast and had no idea they did videos at all.

(I also wouldn’t say no to a BS invite, btw.)

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(I’m out of invites until another gets generated every 2 weeks, so if anyone else is on there and has a spare, please step in!)

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Mastodon is getting a lot of crap from mainstream media because “it’s so complicated” (by which they mostly mean that it’s not set up for Building Your Brand, there’s no feed of posts that will enrage you generate engagement, etc.). But if anyone fancies giving it a try I’ll be happy to talk you through it from my perspective as a NeverTwitterer.

BlueSky has many lovely users, but horrible people in charge of it, and I have to assume they’re trying to get as many people in as possible so that when the site pivots to hard monetisation the users won’t want to move again. (Artificial scarcity is obviously a part of that.)


I am also on Mastodon. there are few boardgame content creators there for now but a lively Boardgames hashtag. I stopped using twitter a few years ago and found that mastodon is getting better all the time as more and more people try it. I would recommend starting on one of the big instances this is the easiest way to get a twitter like experience.