Why You Should Get Into Netrunner in 2022



Did not see this video coming.


I have played the game casually (on jinteki.net) – thanks @TamiJo and others for information – and enjoyed it, but as a face to face game for me it’s going up against Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn and Sakura Arms both of which I already own. (Though I may sell SA when I’ve played it a bit more.) And Ashes is apparently getting a coop mode some time soon, which is exactly what I want. All three of these seem to demand the sort of deep dive on a single game that I don’t really do. I’m never going to put in the dedication to be a competitive player and maybe I shouldn’t be playing them at all…

(Also I tend to buy all of a game or none of it, and there’s potentially an awful lot of this one.)

I think it may hurt that some of the factions here originated with the Cyberpunk 2020 world (which was itself quite explicitly derivative), then went through first edition Netrunner, then the FFG edition getting hybridised with Android, and now Nisei, at each stage with someone wanting to hang on to some of their art and trademarks and getting them replaced with new stuff. So lots of people know how a thing is, but they know it by reference to the earlier version, and maybe if you only have the new version material you won’t get the same impression…

Also, I know SU&SD is international, but I just searched for “system gateway” via my bookmarks of 17 UK games shops, plus Amazon, plus boardgameprices… and it’s not there. It doesn’t exist. That’s because if I’m not doing print and play I have to buy these things from drivethrucards or makeplayingcards, which means I have to get them sent from the USA. Cheapest option is $54, and they won’t even give me a postage cost until I create an account, and then customs fees…


I realise that it lacks the nuance and deck building, but imho Radlands scratches the net runner itch sufficiently for me and I am glad that I don’t need to worry about falling down a collection obsession hole.


https://netrunnercards.co.uk/ is a fan-led bulk buyer of the Nisei sets to make it cheaper/easier to buy in the UK. Believe they’re based in Manchester.


Excellent, thank you!

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