Who wants to playtest my 'Cronicles of Crime' scenario?

Hey, I hope it is okay to shamelessly using this forum to ask for some help. I wrote a scenario for Chronicle of Crimes and could use some help with playtesting it.

I posted it on bgg and if you are interested please give it a try, it is an alpha version however, so you will not get the usual experience.

Squared Circle scenario

I would be very grateful for some feedbacks as only few have tried it so far.

Thank you


Shameless promotion always welcome!!

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Stupid question, but how does one access community scenarios?

Once you downloaded it to the device with the app, you open the app, go to options and click on ‘open community scenario’.

I think depending on the device it will show you all sort of files of your download folder, but you can easily search the scenario on play.