What keeps you moving?

Ok a spin off to the ‘what are you spinning’ topic.

Trying to jog as it looks like i’ll Be home working for the foreseeable. Trying to create playlists for jogging so looking for some recommendations for good driving music.

A couple of examples of what’s on the playlist so far:

Danny Nidelko

I’ll find you

Over and over again

And generally most stuff by LCD sound system.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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I’m the last guy you want to make recommendations for working out, but I am a certified headbanger. Try these.

(I can’t seem to load your links so god only knows how off base I am here).


Poly math sounds interesting thanks. Will give them a try.


Stereophonics, Oasis, Feeder

I really like running to Groovy Train by The Farm

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The Glitch Mob are my go to EDM/workout-music:

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Surely if you going to exercise to the Idles it has to be this


An explanation for those who aren't British of a certain age

Derrick Evans - Wikipedia

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Skull and Shark by Lazerhawk is a fantastic driving album, especially for nighttime motorway trips. I cannot recommend it enough.