What do you collect (other than boardgames)?

I’ve played it, and run it. I discovered a win condition as a player:

D is not a good GM by normal standards. She is forgetful, arbitrary and vindictive. But I reckoned this made her a good candidate to run classic Paranoia, so I signed up for her convention game. The actual mission was the usual blood-everywhere fiasco. I was the only player not to lose any clones, which was officially good, but also grounds for suspicion.

When the merits and demerits were totalled at the end, I found myself in a strange position. The Computer no longer really trusted me, but for political reasons could not demote me. So I would remain officially a Red trouble-shooter, living in Red accommodation, with Red rations and medication. However, I would never be assigned to any missions.

D didn’t understand why I was so happy. I reckoned I’d found a win condition. She felt I’d lost the character, because I’d never be able to play them again, which seems like a failure to understand Paranoia to me.