What are you dreaming?

This morning I had a dream. It was a kind of “super hero origin story”.

There had been a major incident at a science lab. It was all hush-hush, but the main character of the story knew that a global catastrophe was going to result from the incident, unless they could prevent it from going any further.

In my dream they were revealing to a friend/colleague what had happened, and that they had suffered some significant side-effects in the incident, essentially acquiring “super powers” – but they were still in the process of discovering what all the powers were.

The first side-effect was that they had lost all of their hair (but nevertheless “could only run at normal speed”).

They then unveiled a white board upon which they had listed the super powers they had discovered so far:

  • “Recommend”
  • “Handing out”

I have a cold.

Last night I dreamed I was part of a group being kettled by future-fascists. Turns out (through the use of some sort of static-grenade) that the fascists were mostly cardboard cutouts.

We stomped the cardboard cutouts and the remaining fascists were routed. Somewhere in a tower a glowing red figure was looking out ominously.