What are you cooking?

Middle eastern style lamb with chickpeas and sultanas. Green bean, lentil, and onion rice. This one came together quite nicely :grin::+1:. Very tasty.


I’m on a roll with actual proper cooking this week!
Yesterday’s smoked paprika meatball gnocchi…


And today’s polish sausage pasta/potato/mushroom/chickory creation. I think this was the best one so far this week.


Meals cooked this week (sorry for the recipe book pics, I didn’t take any pictures of the real food!)

Cheesy Bean Tortilla rolls - cheap and easy, these are rapidly becoming a favourite in our house.

Pesto Roast Pork - this was great! The potatoes cooking slightly in the pork fat was delicious.

Red Curry Noodle Soup. I was a bit disappointed with this recipe. Tasted ok but lacked punch. Maybe cos its a family recipe and not expecting kids to like too much spice! Which is correct in my family. Apart from me. Sigh

Fancy Fish Finger Sandwiches. This was GREAT and dead easy to make. The minted pea salad to go with it was great too.

Creamy Broccoli and Beef Tortellini. This was… meh. Everyone seemed to eat it up but I wasn’t exactly blown away. Fine for a midweek dinner. Which is what it was.

Speedy Ginger Pork Stir Fry. Basically egg fried rice with pork mince instead of egg. Was a decent staple and might even add an egg or two next time!


My latest creations:


Home made gyoza. Not as hard as I expected.

Japanese noodles.

Vada Pav and home made sweet potato and regular fries. The coriander relish was amazing!

Chilli garlic prawn pasta with smoked butter.

Halloumi with home made garlic and chilli hummus. Someone’s little fingers caught in the act here - she just couldn’t wait :grin:.


Worth starting cooking at 0715


Worth being awake before noon! [genteel erpity]


Couldn’t sleep this morning (and on a morning when my in-laws have the kids too so could have laid in!) so made these.

Cheese scones and fruit scones. House smells amazing


Now I want cheese scones. What cheese do you use for these?


I just used strong cheddar but you can use anything with a reasonably strong flavour. Smoked cheese would be interesting. I put mustard in but you can also put paprika.


I actually have a nice strong cheddar at home that I was saving for oat crackers I am too lazy to make right now. Scones might be a good use for a week-end breakfast with my cousin.


And if you can find any wild garlic, cheese and garlic scones are the nuts.

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Is wild garlic Bärlauch? Because it is Bärlauch season. Green leafy stuff people sometimes gather themselves in the woods or buy at the market if they are not the gathering type. edit: dictionary confirms my guess. Sounds like a great addition. I’ll make sure to get some (from the market). I am getting hungrier by the minute… luckily lunchtime is after this meeting.

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Looks like it!

“Allium ursinum, known as wild garlic, ramsons, cowleekes, cows’s leek, cowleek, buckrams, broad-leaved garlic, wood garlic, bear leek, Eurasian wild garlic or bear’s garlic”.


Making pho this afternoon. Chicken ended up a bit thick but good otherwise.


More Asian food. Chinese supermarket trip paying dividends again. Korean veg fried rice with gochujang minced pork and spicy chilli and sesame sauce.
Egg, sesame seeds, and onions to garnish.


No pictures, but we whacked half a sweetheart (hispi) cabbage on the barbecue last night. It was really good


Gochujang is the best stuff.

I prepped some paprika compote (bell peppers, onions, garlic, spices) the other day and today tried cooking rice with beans in my new rice cooker:

Blackbean-Rice bowl with Avocado, Cilantro, Lime and Paprika Compote. Apply hot sauce (We had some Lime Cholula sauce that was a perfect fit for this).

Would even have been vegan if I had found some veg broth in the freezer but I only found meat broth… since we‘re not vegan nor vegetarian not an issue but I do like to note dishes that could easily be veg only… very tasty.


Full marks for presentation. That looks so good!


Home made curry today. The world tour continues!
My wife informs me that this one would be an “oh my god this is amazing” in a fancy Indian restaurant. Brownie points earned.