What are the things I always say?


I suspect it’s a function of age.

Either of becoming slightly senile or no longer being capable of giving a fuck.


They have pills for that.


I haven’t found that GURPS requires system understanding of the players. It can, if you treat character design as a “game” that players have to play on their own. But I don’t treat it that way.

For me, GURPS (or most other RPGs) is a language in which one can express a character concept. I’m perfectly willing to sit down with a player who knows nothing about the rules, ask them questions, explain what their choices are, and work with them on coming up with a character design. I’ve seen some players who knew almost nothing about the rules work out quite entertaining character concepts with such help. Then the actual “game” involves putting the character into imagined situations and seeing what they do. . . .


For the personality side of things, I agree; it’s when there are game-mechanical considerations (e.g. when everyone needs to be an effective combatant) that it becomes more work.


Have you considered using episode titles as slogans? For example, here are a few golden oldies:

  • As long as they don’t have to be too French about it (episode 8)
  • Everybody Ignores Radiation Shielding (episode 12)
  • Can’t Go Wrong with a Mad Nun (episode 15)
  • Cthulhu Doesn’t Want to be Stroked (episode 22)
  • The Guru Who Lives at the Pointy Big Mountain (episode 24)
  • Politically Subversive Occultism Disguised as Pornography (episode 29)
  • I Feel Myself Fading Away And/Or Turning Into a Lizard (episode 30)
  • You Are X That Do Y In a World In Which… (episode 46)
  • There Would Probably Be Some Aristocratic Totty Involved (episode 48)
  • Let’s Not Become Blasphemous This Early (episode 52)
  • I Blamed It On a Dragon Of Their Acquaintance (episode 58)


I also like the quote from Roger:

"What do you want from me I’m an alien beetle.”


That certainly sounds like the sort of thing I would say.