Whartson Hall does Masks of Nyarlathotep (aka Carry on Cosmic Horror)

Any of you have listened to our Cthulhu game, ‘The Curse of the Kharisiri’ may have realised by now that it was actually the new prologue adventire to the extremely beautiful Masks of Nyarlathotep for 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu, which I’m planning to run very soon for the group. The new edition is excellently produced, and inspirational. As to quite what it inspires… well, here’s an intro I knocked up for the upcoming campaign.

Hey, don’t judge me. It was this or watch Frozen again.



Let’s just put that where the built-in player can find it:


Couldn’t you have just watched Frozen, for us?

I’m getting the feeling you’re not a fan…

I’m telling you, just take that map of Arrendelle and either figure out where a keep would fit on its borderlands or sketch out how Hero Kids can work within its elemental paradigm.

Also available to inspire for this could be the frozen comic books if read for bedtime.

Whichever way it falls, looking forward to masks and the added horrors of Cornwall.

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I don’t know, I’ve never watched it.

The Film Reroll (a bunch of actors who play through films with GURPS rules, often getting wildly different plots) did a version.



I love how Nick’s attempt to avoid Frozen has turned into everyone talking about Frozen

Surely, there will never be a better opportunity to point out that a fanfiction author called SixGoldenCoins has written a Frozen/Cthulhu Mythos cross-over trilogy:

The Horror In The Southern Isles
The Shadow Over Weselton
The Doom That Came To Arendelle

(Truly devoted Disney/Cthulhu aficionados with a taste for Marvel superhero comics may also wish to risk their sanity by delving into another story by the same author, a Big Hero 6 crossover called Facts Concerning the Late Hiro Hamada and His Family.)


This is not going quite how I wanted…




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Sixty-odd seconds of pure brilliance! I especially enjoyed the Lordo chorus, chanting in the background… Rather telling that, instead of something more traditionally Lovecraftian (like “Ïa! Ïa!”), the chant went: “Bum, bum, bum” over and over.

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starts scribbling ‘Sixy seconds of pure brilliance’.

Not my words, Jon. The people have spoken. This is a clear mandate for more.


I demand a second referendum.

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Soon enough the world will hear my magnificent response to your pathetic attempt at immortality…

Don’t make me break out the ukulele.

The scholars reading old von Junzt,
Perpetrating wicked stunts,
They’re just a bunch of stupid … cults,
When I’m fighting Cthulhu…

He-hee! Turned out nice again!

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The challenge for our Small but Discerning Audience: what has Roger done for an intro to the Cyberpunk game of which we played the first session on Tuesday night? You have about a week to guess…

For cyberpunk? This magnificent piece sets a high bar.


Interpretive dance number? Futuristic burlesque show? Mime act?

There are many, many things that would work great in a podcast… “Oh dear, listeners! If only you could see what Roger’s doing now! My goodness, it looks like it’s about to explode!”


It’s been many, many years since I last played the R. Talsorian Cyberpunk (I still have the box for the first edition, but it no longer contains the game). The last time I played a cyberpunk game at all was probably ten years ago, using the Sorcerer RPG, and one of Whartson Hall at the time, Martin, made this intro for it.

Of course, I know what you’re thinking: needs more bum.