Voidfall and the Contentification of Board Games

Yes. Icons are where theme goes to die: “I get 2 green and 3 blue and one of those tentacle thingies”

I don’t mind so much. If the theme dies because I rename a few icons it wasn’t very good anyway. If I know what it does that is more important. “Make a ship ready, produce a ship, retrieve a ship…” That’s not too bad. Of course it could also be “push 2 cubes over here and put one on the board here, then take one back from the board here” … ah well.

Does anyone know what each type of cube is in Sidereal?

We tend to invent words on the fly for whatever we can’t “pronounce” at the moment. It’ll end up being a language mish-mash anyway. When I read English text to Germans, I often read the numbers in German especially years…