Vampire Character Sheet- Whistle Pig


1.1 Margaret, born in Canterbury, Kent in 1180. Works as a tailor. Motivated by the need to support her four younger siblings after the loss of her parents to the sweating sickness.

2.1 being given one of her father’s needles and some scraps of material as a little girl, and having him teach her how to stitch neatly.

3.1 burying both of her parents on the same day. Mary made sure to look after the younger ones while Margaret sobbed in despair.

4.1 making a thin stew out of whatever scraps and half-rotten vegetables she had been able to find at the market. It had been a difficult month with few customers.

5.1 A stranger stopped by the house one day saying that his master, a pilgrim to Canterbury, wanted some new clothes for his return journey. He had heard that Margaret was a good tailor, and requested that she pay a visit to take measurements. Leaving the younger children in the care of her oldest brother, she followed the stranger to a boarding house near the cathedral. As she entered the room where the stranger’s master was lodging, she felt a sharp pain in her neck before falling to the ground. When she awoke, it was clear that several hours had passed. There was no sign of the stranger, and she was relieved to see that he had not robbed her of her tailoring bag.


  • Margaret’s 5 year old youngest sister, Elizabeth
  • Her best friend Mary, a baker, who grew up nextdoor.
  • Her uncle Peter, who tries to help Margaret out with money now and then, although he has his own family to support
  • the stranger- the vampire, a deceitful “pilgrim from Canterbury.


  • sewing supplies
  • Hildegard, the family cow
  • a large cooking pot


  • tailoring
  • making the most of a little
  • business acumen


Margaret noticed that she was no longer casting a shadow, as if the sunlight passed right through her. She stuck to the shade after that…


(I almost went for a Canterbury tales route as well! Ha!)